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  • Chinese People To Name Over 100 Iconic Places In Great Britain
    VisitBritain, along with the Home Office, is asking the people of China to give new Chinese names to tourist attractions and places of interest across Britain.
  • Online Videos Show Chinese Persepctive On American Car Brand
    Four online videos created in the lead up to Lincoln’s launch of two new models into the market, attaching a distinct Chinese perspective to the American brand.
  • The People Of China’s Ad Industry: Miriam Hanna Deller
    The People Of China’s Ad Industry: Miriam Hanna Deller has been working in the extreme sport industry in china for the past decade find out more about her work.
  • Perrier Launches Highly Addictive Bubble-Popping Game
    Perrier®, launch “Liberate and Win,” a highly fun and engaging bubble-popping web and mobile game encouraging players to open up and let out their inhibitions.
  • Only Using Chinese Brands To Journey From China To Holland
    Backed by major global Chinese Brands, such as BYD,Huawei and Lenovo, two Dutch guys aim to show the world a China that is driven to enter the world stage.
  • Cross-Straits Sexting? WeChat Taiwan Heats Up The Competition
    Taking advantage of recent Line outages on the mainland, Tencent's WeChat is making a play for the Taiwan market with the launch of a provocative new commercial
  • Martell Noblige ‘New Elegance’ Celebrates Four Years In China
    ‘New Elegance’ movement aims to galvanize contemporary Chinese men to embark on a journey of self-discovery leading them to achieve success beyond money and status.
  • Scannable QR Code Car Links To MG Car Pricing And Info Site
    Scannable MG Car with massive QR code on its roof lets passersby scan and access car pricing and specification information via mobile optimised mini-site
  • Chevy Outdoor Activation Uses Augmented Reality Transformers
    Chevy set up interesting outdoor activation on one of Shanghai's most popular shopping streets, leveraging on their link with the Transformer movie franchise
  • Funny ‘China Auto Rental’ Poster Makes It Clear Why To Rent
    'China Auto Rental', China's largest car rental service provider, explicitly shows why you should be renting instead of taking public transport with funny poster
  • Will The Thing You Promote Win In An Advertising War?
    How evolutionary models give marketers the ability to see how selected strategies will work out against competitors, and lets them see achievable market share gains
  • Communication Designer Raises Environmental Awareness In China
    Discussion with Jack Derong on the 'A Green Dream' project and how communication designers can use their skills to make a positive contribution to society
  • The Thing You Promote May Not Be What The Consumer Cares About
    Ensuring a brand's communication proposition appeals to consumers should be of paramount importance and act as the foundation for communication to be built upon
  • Portfolio Night Takes Place On May 21, Now In It’s 12th Edition
    Attended by up to 40 senior creatives from top advertising agencies, Portfolio Night 12 calls on young creative hopefuls to show off their advertising portfolios
  • The People Of China’s Ad Industry: Juggi Ramakrishnan
    The latest interview with Executive Creative Director Juggi Ramakrishnan of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Beijing. Miguel and Juggi met up to talk about advertising.
  • Campaign Tells Backstories Of Six Chinese Juvenile Criminals
    Creative campaign raises Chinese public awareness of the serious and detrimental effects of verbal abuse using a range of social media, a mini-site and an event
  • Interview With Laure de Carayon On Upcoming China Connect Event
    Interview with Laure de Carayon on the upcoming China Connect event in Paris, detailing the focus of this year's edition and what's in store for attendees
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