Maybelline: Zeng Yike “I Dare To Be Myself”

Maybelline advertisement featuring Chinese pop idol Zeng Yike.

Former Happy Girls contestant and famous internet celebrity Zeng Yike (曾轶可) recently appeared in a television commercial for Maybelline New York promoting its BB Cream cosmetic product:

She begins the commercial by saying that her sound/voice may not be the most popular but she dares to be herself.

On YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

For more information about Zeng Yike, see past chinaSMACK reports:

Comments from Youku:


I was startled [by her looks].


Too frightening…


Maybelline is in tears…Brother Zeng can’t even spit out [pronounce] the company’s name clearly…

[Other than her manly looks, another thing that made Zeng Yike (or her internet nickname “Brother Zeng”) famous was her “unique” voice and singing that many people feel is actually just bad singing and sounds like a sheep.]


[Zeng] Yike jia you! [I] support you! 赞赞赞


Wow~ even guys can use Maybelline? Maybelline has released men’s skin care products! 赞


……my god. 吐

亞、 ̄小鬼:

We “可爱多” will always support Yiko [Yike], Yiko jia you, you must stay strong, continue being yourself!

[可爱多, ke ai duo, is a nickname for Zeng Yike fans. Reversed, “duo ai ke”, means “really love Zeng Yike”]


When I heard her say BB, I got goosebumps…*sweat*, male comrades, definitely do allow your women to use this, use it and they’ll become like Brother Zeng.


This product needs a very androgynous spokesperson?

Zeng Yike.


Why is it written “creative woman”, and not “creative singer”~? 稀饭


Those who like Zeng Yike are all SBs


Good thing my wife stopped using this brand long ago. Too disgusting. A piece of advice for guys’ wives to also not use Maybelline, because if you use it, you will be like Brother Zeng here.


Visitor from Douban
If I had balls, my balls would hurt…
But I don’t…so my heart hurts…my stomach hurts as well…
My eyes hurt too…


Her skin is actually pretty good…


Every person is struggling/working hard for their dreams. Zeng Yike is just being herself, so can everyone please stop hurting her like this? Can everyone be a little more forgiving? Can everyone avoid posting comments that hurt those of us who like her? Please? Even though I am a member of the post-90s generation, after I learned of this lovable little girl [Zeng], I discovered that the world can still be this pure. Even though I am younger than Zeng Yike, I want to protect her. Therefore, can everyone stop hurting the person I want to protect? I am still a child. Can you all allow me to have an idealistic hope for the future. I would be very grateful to you guys. Please.

绿色麦秆儿: (responding to yd10729498)

Maybelline actually isn’t that big of a brand, being of the “can’t make it/can’t survive” category abroad~

淡水木鱼: (responding to 绿色麦秆儿)

…one look and I can tell you have never been/lived abroad. Even though I don’t like Maybelline, it is an open shelf cosmetics brand. Plus, that person [yd10729498] didn’t say anything about it being high end. Your answer doesn’t match the question/topic [irrelevant] ==!

Zeng Yike signing autographs.


Let me first state that I am a “可爱多” [Zeng Yike fan]. I have never yelled/attacked at anyone, I have never attack other people’s idols. Do you guys know how it feels to see one’s idol being attacked? “Heartbreaking”, do you guys know what it means? I think you guys don’t. You guys don’t like Yike. Fine, those of us who admire Yike don’t object. But I don’t want to see any filthy words defaming her. Character is a country’s image and I don’t want to lose face because of you guys, so wipe your mouths before speaking, thank you.


You guys talking about a girl like this, is it necessary? We’re all Chinese. 愤怒愤怒


Ahhhhhhhhhh, I have to see this every half hour at night! It’s killing me!


Maybelline’s brand has completely been lowered.


I think it is very good, very refreshing.
Moreover, Zeng Yike is also very cute, the more I look at her, the more “flavor” [personality, style] she has.


I’ve resolved to not let my girlfriend use Maybelline anymore.

Supo菓菓: (responding to longshuo666)

What “flavor”? Idiot flavor probably? This kind of girl and she still gets invited to make a Maybelline advertisement!? I will never use [Maybelline] again! Garbage! I want to ask Zeng Yike, do you know what embarrassing/shame is? It’s all been said already, you’re tone deaf, not suited for singing, and yet you persistently make a fool of yourself there like an idiot spouting out your out of tune voice! Just to become famous, you’re willing to embarrass yourself! You’re unbelievable! 吐吐吐

Supo菓菓: (responding to 雯笔不残)

Give it a rest and mind your own business, you! Other people criticizing [Zeng] is what business of yours!? If someone farts, are you going to mind that too? First take a look at what qualifications/position you have to mind what other people say!

What do you think? Do you think Zeng Yike was a good person to choose for this Maybelline advertisement? Will she attract more potential customers than she will turn away?

Zeng Yike.

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