Corning: “A Day Made of Glass”, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Corning Incorporated's "A Day Made of Glass" short video becomes viral on the Chinese internet.

This video titled “A Day Made of Glass” was made by Corning, “the world leader in glass and ceramics”, and envisions a possible future for mankind. It was uploaded 3 days ago on Youku by a Chinese netizen and quickly became viral, having received over 670k views and 1,300 comments so far.

Corning itself uploaded the video onto YouTube earlier this month on February 7th where it has progressively accumulated over 4.2m views and 2,200 comments so far over the past 3 weeks.

Can’t see the above video?

Corning "A Day Made of Glass"Corning "A Day Made of Glass"

Corning Incorporated's "A Day Made of Glass" short video becomes viral on the Chinese internet.Corning "A Day Made of Glass"

Corning "A Day Made of Glass"

Comments from Youku:


For the United States this is possible. [suggesting it is less likely for China]


Way too cool.


For China, [this future] a little uncertain.


An Asian person walks up to a bus sign and the display automatically switches to Chinese. Facial recognition technology?


Why would people still need to drive? Also, about there being displays everywhere, I actually know a small boss who once installed a television even into his toilet/bathroom, but once the iPad came out, he realized that these things [televisions, displays] can all be carried around.


If China’s bus stop signs were to have touch screens, I predict they would all have been broken by people pressing on them within half a day. 搞笑搞笑


This woman wasted water…


In the future I imagine, we don’t have to do anything, there are robots to do it for you.


Everywhere there are displays, everywhere there is radiation.


No one will live past 40, everyone dying from cancer. Radiation all the time.


It can already be like this…


This kind of thing can only happen abroad. We will never see this day.


As long as money can be made, there will always be someone in the Heavenly Kingdom who will (take it apart and) do everything they can to research it [figure out how to do it]. = = 搞笑


I think there is a problem that must be first resolved if we really want to realize this, similar to the on that Will Smith movie, called Artificial Intelligence I think, the one about robots. [This netizen is probably referring to machines who may revolt against humans.]

jcjxhzm: (responding to 花心呆呆)

Exactly. Immediately it would be covered with graffiti or stickers advertising quack medicine or forged documents.


– – Have you guys thought of the energy problem? And resources~ Fuck, where is that camera? You can just communicate with video anywhere? Even if there are these things, it will not be everyone who can afford to use them~


The women no longer cook, is this the trend?


Not a complete day, they haven’t had their sex life!”


One EMP bomb and everything goes back to the Stone Age. 搞笑

群众X: (responding to akunz)

It probably determined the person’s language by exchanging data with a device she was carrying. [Didn’t you see] how she then wirelessly downloaded something?


Fuck, in the end they just kissed and that’s it? No fun.


China must seize the opportunity——only technological innovation will allow it to be at the forefront of the world!!!


If display technology has advanced to this level, the environment would long have changed. Cars too would no longer be like that, lights also wouldn’t be like that.

cokelovehebe: (responding to jcjxhzm)

If they weren’t broken by people using them then they would be smashed by some drunk hooligans. 搞笑搞笑

王者征程: (responding to 群众X)

By that time, the common language throughout the world should be Chinese~


The first night the man sleeps on the left, the second night the man sleeps on the right……

自在0826: (responding to cokelovehebe)

They would be immediately stolen to be resold… Our thieves will even steal manhole covers.


This video only makes me think of one problem… If this kind of technological era arrives, could China’s internet support it? Compared to Korea or the United States in terms of internet speed, our country’s small pips are truly appalling.


Some of the UI [user interfaces] are really similar to WP7 [Windows Phone 7?]…


Every good short film always has a gentle black man wearing glasses in it.


There must have been something edited out at 5:17. It was harmonized. An entire day only to end like this? Not way.


Seeing such highly technological things, I am a little worried. When we have truly become used to this kind of life and a disaster befalls us where we returned to a a purely natural environment, would we still know how to survive?


The future is LCDs everywhere?
In this country, them not being broken by people is impossible.


Technology does not necessarily bring civilization.


If it were really like this, if those kind of screens were installed in China, they would definitely be broken by people within 3 days, or ruined in various ways… Can’t be helped, our country’s people’s characters are low [the quality of our country’s people is low].


My comrades who say the future is all about LCDs, I personally think the usefulness of projections/projectors is even higher.


This is a little like the [Microsoft] Windows 8 concept.


To be honest, I hate touch screens the most, there is no feel [tactile feedback] at all.


That future may be the end for all migrant workers


The technology is indeed high, but I think this kind of life would no longer have any flavor.


搞笑 Destroying humankind would only require cutting off the electricity.

What do you think? Is this the kind of future you envision?

Corning Incorporated's "A Day Made of Glass" short video becomes viral on the Chinese internet.

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