“Hold住” Internet Slang Appears In Ad Copy: 3 Examples

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Last summer, the phrase “hold住” became popular online after “Miss Lin” appeared on the Taiwanese variety show《大学生了没》and gave tips on how to appear fashionable. She used the phrase “hold住” to mean maintaining composure and resilience.

Usage of “hold住” quickly spread across the internet, and now it is being used in advertisements. Presented in this post is a small selection of some ads utilizing the phrase.

This ad was observed in the lobby of Beijing Fortune Plaza promoting the stores and restaurants there. The first line says, “It is delicious food month, enjoy it together!” The second announcement says that between April 5 and April 15, anyone who spends over 100 yuan will be eligible to win a prize. Can you resist? If you can’t resit, you might win a prize. “Hold住” means “resist” in this sentence.

This ad for He Wei Zheng Chang Wan stomach and bowel pills is kind of creepy. It starts out looking like a scene from a horror film, but then it has a twist at the end. You must hold住 in order to get through it.

This is an ad for the Taiwanese home sales company Sinyi that has been featured on its website over recently. It says that you should maintain your home’s value, using “hold住” to emphasize “maintain.”

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