Durex Tells Fortunes Of Taiwanese Youths’ Sexual Futures

Xerud The Lover's Fortune Teller

Usually we don’t post advertising campaigns from outside of China but this latest one from Taiwan was particularly good and worth talking about. Cultural taboos in Taiwan (and other Asian countries) make on-the-street sexual health promoters rather ineffective especially when it comes to handing out condoms / sexual health information.

Xerud The Lover's Fortune TellerTo overcome this cultural boundary, Durex decided to capitalize on the fact that Taiwanese people frequently visit fortune-tellers to get opinions of their fate in wealth, health and especially love. So Durex created “Xerud – The Lover’s Fortune Teller“, an unbranded fortune-telling machine that would be placed in bars and clubs in Taipei. The machine gave Taiwanese youths predictions about love and future relationships, and also spat out a condom best suited to their needs, along with information about safe sex.

The campaign was a great success with around 77 condoms and pieces of sexual health information handed out every hour. Durex also setup a campaign website and Facebook page for Xerud.

The question is would this same campaign work in Mainland China?

Here is the case study video below (Watch on Youku):

Xerud The Lover's Fortune Teller

Xerud The Lover's Fortune Teller

Xerud The Lover's Fortune Teller

Xerud The Lover's Fortune Teller (Step 1)

Xerud The Lover's Fortune Teller (Step 2)

Xerud The Lover's Fortune Teller (Step 3)

Xerud The Lover's Fortune Teller (Step 4)

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