GE China: Ecomagination – Turning Green Into Gold

GE China - Ecomagination Chaizi Advertisements

General Electric (GE) has been rolling-out its prestigious ‘ecomagination‘ initiative across the globe since 2005. According to the spiel on the GE Global website “ecomagination is a business strategy designed to drive innovation and the growth of profitable environmental solutions while engaging stakeholders“.

In China, the environment is a top priority. Pollution is a very visible issue in the Mainland – many tourists often arrive in Beijing and comment on the infamous polluted sky. It’s a big problem, but the Chinese Government is up for task and has set a goal for the country to get 15 percent of its total energy from renewable sources by 2020. This is a great opportunity for GE and the organisation has been focusing on building their presence in China and is hoping to cash-in on assisting the Government on meeting its commendable targets.

Returning back to ‘ecomagination’, the Chinese division of GE has created some imaginative print ads for the campaign that promote GE’s environmentally friendly products and services. They use Chinese wisdom (in the form of Chinese character fortune telling – known in Chinese as Chaizi – 拆字).

1. The Internal Combustion Engine

“Where others only see organic waste, we see a treasure which can produce electricity and heat”

GE China - Ecomagination Chaizi Advert 1

2. The Aeroplane Engine

“Every time you go past the tops of clouds, it will bring you wealth”

GE China - Ecomagination Chaizi Ad 2

3. Train Operation and Optimization System

“Reduce fuel consumption, to save more money”

GE China - Ecomagination Chaizi Ads 3

4. Wind Turbines

“Power generation through wind-driven technology will make profits soar”

GE China - Ecomagination Chaizi Ads 4

5. Water Solution

“A clean water supply will wish you a good fortune”

GE China - Ecomagination Chaizi Ads 5

6. Coal Technology

“The cleaner the coal we use, the bluer the sky will be”

GE China - Ecomagination Chaizi Ads 6

With thanks to Jinrui Zhang of the LSE Confucius Institute for assisting with the translations.


Just for fun

Alain Delorme, a photographer from Paris, has captured and adapted some fascinating photos of bicycle carriers in Shanghai as part of his Totems series. Click the images to enlarge:

Alain Delorme - Totems -- 1

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