TC Bank: “For Ordinary People With Extraordinary Dreams”

Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": Based on a true story.

The following television commercial made by Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan for Taiwan’s TC Bank (大眾銀行) accumulated over 450k views on popular mainland China video sharing website Youku less than two days after it was uploaded. Based on a real story, a group of old men decide to revisit their motorcycling youth after one of their own passes away.

Transcript & Translation: (Note: Place your mouse cursor over the English to see the original Chinese)

Based on a true story.

What do people live for?
To miss someone?
To keep living?
To live longer?
Or, to leave?

“Let’s go ride motorcycles!”

5 Taiwanese.
An average age of 81.
1 has a hearing problem.
1 has cancer.
3 have heart disease.
Every one of them has degenerative arthritis.

6 months of preparation.
13 days traveling around the island.
1139 kilometers.
From the north to the south.
From night to day.
For one simple reason.

What do people live for?


For ordinary people with extraordinary dreams.
TC Bank | 大眾銀行

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


What is the music? Very rousing.


5 Taiwanese???????


Sigh, I don’t know what I am living for.

moonleang: (responding to 小棋)

The music is Aska’s “On Your Mark”, the original MV [music video] was an animation made by Miyazaki.


How far can your love/passion go? However far your dreams are is however far you should go!


When you’re young, don’t wait until you are old to regret.


Some things if you don’t do now, you’ll never do the rest of your life.


This will make people cry to death.


So moving.


Living is a kind of strength.


Fuck you.
Who downvoted [this video]?
Those people really don’t know the meaning of brotherhood.


The best advertisement short film I have ever seen!!


[Made me] think of back when I was in school, staying up all night to ride around Xiamen on my bicycle.


From around 20-years-old to 80-years-old, friends of 60 years. These days, it is very difficult to maintain a friendship for such a long time.


Niubi, an excellent advertisement, this kind of advertisement is what people like to watch, very moving.


Fuck, such sentimental music making me cry.

ccj1mk: (responding to PIXAR168)

Yes! 5 Taiwanese!!!!!!!


Advertisements made by Taiwan truly know how to move people.


When I saw the “Dream” character, I cried. When I saw TC Bank, I laughed.


Thailand TVC. production house corperation with Taiwanese ad agency powers( Thai director Thanonchai direct this ad,he is the man who directed many Cane Lion’s TVC awards.He made Pantene ad)


Here in Xiamen, a lot of kids watch Taiwanese television growing up. Really, when watching Taiwanese television shows, even the commercial breaks aren’t boring, because even the commercials are truly all very interesting to watch.


Wildly ding, the mainland’s public service advertisements can take 10 years and still not catch up [to this].


What does this have to do with a bank?

Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": Circling a halo around a deceased friend.Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": Old men mourning the passing of a friend.

Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": An old photograph taken at the beach when they were young.Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": Elderly men doing sit ups.

Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": Elderly men riding motorcycles.Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": Old friends eating together on the road.

Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": Old men fixing a motorcycle's front wheel.Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": A group of elderly friends tour around the island of Taiwan.

Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": An old man brings along a photograph of his deceased wife on his motorcycle road trip.Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": An old Taiwanese man wearing a leather jacket riding a motorcycle in Taiwan.

Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": The group of friends running on the beach when they were young 60 years ago.Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": Two old Taiwanese friends giving each other a high five.

Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers": Old Taiwanese friends recreate the group photo they took when they were young.

Taiwan's TC Bank television commercial "Dream Rangers"


TC Bank – “Dream Ranger” Television Commercial (3 minute version)
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan
Executive Creative Director: Jennifer Hu
Copywriter: Jennifer Hu, Justin Chia
Art director: Leah Chen
Producer: Abby Ku

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  • mun

    The director is from Thailand.
    He made many famous commercial ads.

  • cdn icehole

    Nicely done. Assuming the 1139 KM of road exists, it would be a good weekend outing for young riders. Given the riders age and listed health problems, 13 days would make it a nice vacation.

  • pathik

    this video brings tears in my eyes, i am also planning to visit the roof of the world LEH in India….with my friends

  • This looks like a great movie! It really hits home as I enter my 25th year riding motorcycles. Does any one have a lead as to how I could view the entire movie? I am in the United States at present and I know of a bunch of people who are touched by the preview and would love to watch the entire movie.


    • cdn icehole

      The ad is also posted on youtube. If you’re using Firefox, install the Easy YouTube Video Downloader add-on and you can download the youTube video in FLV, 3GP, MP3, or MP4 format.

    • Bern

      Eric, it seems to be an advertisement for a Bank. :(
      Hope they see the potential and make it into a real movie.

      For those asking… the Song is “On Your Mark” by chage & Aska!

      • Eric

        Thanks Bern….Sad it would have made a great Movie..I love to story…Sadly it is not a good advertisement, since many seem to think it is a movie and have no idea what is being sold…


  • Chad

    Is there an actual movie? What is the name? I would love to see it.

  • Missyroom


  • I was touched by this video. I had to wailt for most of my life to get a motorcycle I really wanted. Those guys can ride with me any day. Have a Dream? Invest in the future, and maybe one day you’ll Have a Harley.
    Make’s other commercials crass. Live to Ride, Ride to Live.

  • Rhaspun

    I know this is off base for this commercial. But tell mom you love her. You don’t know when anything can happen.

  • patrick doyen

    A few days ago I recieved the extraordinary dreams video commercial. I must admit, it truly is phenomenal. I’ve watched it any number of times, and have passed it on to at least 30 people so far. Of every commercial I’ve even seen, this one is #1, and at 65 I’ve seen alot of them. Congratulations on telling a wonderful story, touching in so many ways in such a brief period of time, and with such a lasting impact. It was the definition of creativity.

  • As a motorsports owner, a 50 something American male, and most importantly a HUMAN BEING WITH A SOUL, I have to say that this is the best commercial I believe I have ever seen. Bravo! Well done…

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