Standard Chartered Bank Collaborates With Martin Schoeller

Standard Chartered Bank - Martin Schoeller

Standard Chartered Bank is over 150 years old and over the years it has expanded and managed to establish itself in various markets around the world. In China the bank has branches and ATMs across the Mainland, and now it has begun to take steps to differentiate itself in the country from rivals such as HSBC and Citibank.

In its new advertising campaign, the bank called upon award-winning portrait photographer Martin Schoeller to photograph over 1,000 people. Of all the photos taken, 5 were taken forward and used in the advertisements. The campaign aims to appeal to the emotions of the Chinese consumers by focusing on the five senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, and Touch.

Here are the print ads and English translations. They are well shot and have some interesting lines of copy:

The customer promise

您财富之上的心愿 我们悉心成就
“All your needs with your fortune, we will take care of”
Standard Chartered Bank - China Here For Good

1. Sight

“Global view, we are broadening your horizon”

Standard Chartered Bank - Sight
The message here is – to be successful you need to have focus and insight.

2. Smell

洞悉先机 我们是您的另一种嗅觉
“Spotting the opportunities, we will help you to smell it out”

Standard Chartered Bank - Smell
Some Chinese people refer to rich middle-aged business men as old foxes, and much like old foxes they can smell where the opportunities lie.

3. Hearing

怡享所成 我们是您的另一番倾听
“Enjoying your retirement, we can listen to your needs”

Standard Chartered Bank - Hearing
Retirees are the focus of this ad. The bank is saying that old people have a right to be heard. Due to the one-child policy, many of the elderly Chinese generation are quite lonely but Standard Chartered is here to listen to there needs.

4. Touch

传承家业 我们是您的另一只手臂
“Managing heritage, we will give you a hand”

Standard Chartered Bank - Touch
This poster as targets the richer second generation – the young people who have grown up inheriting vast fortunes.

5. Taste

“Looking after your family, we will speak for you”

Standard Chartered Bank - Taste
It could be argued that this ad seems to imply that Chinese women are of a lower status than men and need someone to speak for them. What do you think?

Many thanks to Lucy Luo to assisting with the Chinese / English translations.

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