PepsiCo Year-End Integrated Campaign ‘Bring Happiness Home’

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As Chinese New Year draws closer, PepsiCo’s annual event “Bring Happiness Home” takes festivities up a notch once again. This year sees a whole new level of integrated elements that have never been done before in the past two years. It revolves around the core idea of ‘Pepsi Delivering Happiness’, utilizing various media platforms to build promotional channels that drive the message straight to consumers.

The mini movie and TVC is essentially a reel of highlights from the whole event. This time round there is not only a celebrity-ridden four-episode mini movie along with the 2014 TVC and theme song music video, but also a charity program “Bring Happiness Home – Care Packages for Mothers”, which features new Internet technology on a TMall platform. In addition, the “Pepsi Delivering Happiness” campaign site was also launched on January 8th on the popular video site Tudou.

Bring Happiness Home with the Stars

The mini movie was aired on the day of the campaign site launch this year and compared to the ones before, it saw an influx of celebrities: Chinese actor Zhang Guoli takes lead role with fellow A-listers Louis Koo, Jolin Cai, Show Lo, Huang Xiaoming, Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Chinese Idol personality Ai Fei, Voice of China star Momo Wu as well as singers Harlem Yu and Wang Bojie. The five comedic hosts of popular Hunan TV show ‘Happy Camp’ also make a debut in the “Happy Supermarket”episode and along with this rich cast of personalities, stories of friendship, love and families are brought to life. The videos are supported by interactive social media platforms and users get a chance to win an iPad by sharing the videos on their own social media. PepsiCo is giving away one iPad a day.

The TVC was aired on CCTV on January 7th. The music video featuring Harlem Yu, Momo Wu, Huang Xiaoming and Ai Fei was also launched at the end of December in 2013.

Bring Happiness Home by Sending Love to Mothers in Need

As part of the ‘Bring Happiness Home” 2014 campaign, a charity event “Bring Happiness Home – Care Packages for Mothers” was kicked off at the end of December. On the PepsiCo Tmall platform, a new online charity drive encourages people to help mothers in need in the spirit of the campaign. It only takes RMB 2 to start the cycle of happiness and once a donation of RMB 200 is reached, a care package is sent over to help poor mothers have a happy new year.


“Whether near or far, home is still home. Whether big or small, happiness is still happiness.” This is the core philosophy behind China’s first trans-boundary charity event that was put forward by China Women’s Development Foundation, PepsiCo, and Tmall. Through an all-accessible and user-friendly Tmall page, people can easily send arrange their donations and the platform always allows people to keep track of care packages, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Bring Happiness Home with your well wishes

On December 20th last year, PepsiCo launched the public Wechat account for “Bring Happiness Home”, encouraging people to add a personal touch to their messages. New technological features have gained popularity for this particular Wechat feature – followers can send their own voice recordings to the account and they will be instantly remixed into a customized version of the “Pepsi Delivering Happiness” theme song, encouraging users to share unique messages with loved ones and pass along a fun experience for others to play with.


Riding the launch wave of the digital hub on Tudou, a fun couplet-writing game has also caught the attention of mobile users. As one of the cultural gems of China, couplets have always been a popular way to get creative. The rules are simple: Cartoon celebrities hold up one half of a couplet and users who come up with a creative response for the other half quickly enough have the opportunity to win more prizes. The platform also encourages social media sharing for users to get friends and family to play together.

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