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  • mlgb

    Roughly translated indeed.

    史上 doesn’t mean “the history of”, but rather is more like “In all history”. e.g. 在历史上

    史上最…… is then akin to “The most …… in history”

    You made the same mistake in the translation of the last Hu Ge viral video also.

    • Thanks for the info mglb, i am aware of what each of the characters mean, but the word for word translations into English don’t quite make sense. Hence ‘the rough translations’…

      i’ve removed the errrors, but please do suggest the correct translation.

      Best Wishes,

  • mlgb

    p.s. you might also want to look up the meaning of 给力

  • mlgb

    史上 – in all history
    最 – most
    给力 – awesome/cool/amazing
    的 –
    许愿 - wish

    So a relatively direct translation would be something like: The most amazing wish in history.

    In contemporary Internet parlance, you might translate it something like:

    Best. Wish. Ever.

  • I think it is very funny that he called her Xiao Yue Yue.

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