McDonalds: A New ‘Hu Ge’ Viral

Hugo Works  - McDonalds Viral

My favourite Chinese viralist Hu Ge (胡戈) has created another viral video entitled: “胡戈新作-史上最悲催的痴情男” (Hú gē xīnzuò-shǐshàng zuì bēi cuī de chīqíng nán), which translates in English to:

“A Hu Ge new work – History’s most tragic lovestruck man.”

If you watch the entire video you will find that you do not need to speak Chinese to understand its meaning. However for those unsure, it depicts a lovestruck man, forever trying to impress the woman of his dreams with vouchers for various offers, but she declines him again and again.

Until eventually later in life she finds herself in McDonalds (麦当劳 – Màidāngláo) where she is asked if she has a voucher, and she is saddened by the fact she does not. Then suddenly the man appears again – with another voucher! We then find out that any voucher (even from another company) with the number ‘0’ entitles you to one of McDonald’s new free fat-free (Zero fat) burgers. She accepts the voucher from him, and we leave them looking deeply into each others eyes…aww.

Who is Hu Ge (胡戈)?

Hu Ge is known in China as 网络恶搞第一人 (Wǎngluò ègǎo dì yīrén) aka the first man to spoof the network.

Hugo - Hugo Works

He is from Wuhan (Hubei Province) and has previously produced a number of other spoof videos that can be viewed on Hu Ge’s Youku page. His last hit viral was the epic 7-Up commercial parody, below:

If you like his videos, Hu Ge would like to let you know that he is available for work.

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