Apple: iPhone 4 Chinese Facetime Commercials

Apple China - iPhone 4 Commercial

Following last month’s launch of the iPhone 4 in the mainland, Apple has just launched two commercials to promote the ‘game-changing’ product to the Chinese market.

There’s not much more to say about the ads, so I’ve also included the ‘Western’ versions below for comparison.

You’ll notice that there is not much difference between them, so little difference in fact, it makes one wonder why new versions were ever needed to be created…

Chinese versions:

On Ku6:

‘Western’ versions:

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  • larks


    i guess there is a Chinese version for the same reason that when American commercials are shown in Australia the voices are often dubbed over by actors with Australian accents.

    big corporations like Apple don’t want to appear to be imposing on the local country, and so they change the image to appeal to the ‘local’ audience, without having to pay an ad company to come up with a new idea.

    • Hi larks,

      I agree completely with what you have said. I think what the ads demonstrate is how much Apple care’s about China.

      As you have said many companies simply re-dub the voiceover, but since they have made completely new adverts (albeit with a same idea) shows that the Chinese audience – or at least their ever-increasing disposable income – is what Apple is really hoping to tap into.

  • Tom

    One of the American versions has an Asian girl dating a white guy, and the underlying racial message is terribly disturbing to most Chinese guys. That’s why they can’t possibly use the original one in China.

    • Wax Tadpole

      Tom most white guys only use Asians girls for prostitutes…we dont date them!…except maybe Japanese girls. Never date China girl, they smell like wonton!

      • Onyx

        Wax…you are a complete douche bag.

      • Damon

        Obviously you need to move out of the gutter you live in

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