China’s First 3D Television Commercial

World II 3D Computer Game.

It seems somewhat fitting that the first post on chinaSMACK‘s new Advertising section introduces China’s first revolutionary step forward into 3D advertising.

The 3D advertisement has been created to promote the new expansion to the Chinese video-game “天下贰” (Tiānxià èr) or in English, “World II”.

The 3D version can be viewed here but you will need 3D glasses to watch it (if you’re reading this from mainland China you can order the 3D glasses from the website for free!).

For those reading this article on a traditional computer the 2D version of the new ad is available below:

On YouTube:

On Youku:

The production of the advert was a collaboration between famous advertising director Li Ran (李蔚然) and Crystal CG (the agency responsible for some of the productions at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening ceremony). The lead male featured is the popular singer and actor Han Geng (韩庚).

Those outside China may not realise this, but online gaming is an extremely popular pastime for Chinese teenage boys, with the majority entering the virtual gaming arena almost everyday of the week.

In fact, some have even suggested that online gaming has replaced the previous gang culture that was rife in the 1980’s.

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