Nokia: N8 China Launch With ‘Inception’ & ‘Pearl Harbor’ Virals

Nokia N8 China - Inception Viral

To celebrate the Nokia N8 launching in China, Nokia (诺基亚 – Nuòjīyà) has been busy promoting the new model with viral videos, posters and TV commercials.

The Launch Event

The new N8 mobile phone is one of Nokia’s latest smartphones. It was introduced to the Chinese market on the 25th August 2010 via a special live streaming event.

Unfortunately, Nokia found themselves looking rather red in the face when a pornographic video unexpectedly started playing during the live stream! So Nokia may be using this campaign as an attempt to make-up for their embarrassment.

Nokia N8 Porn Streaming at China Launch

‘The Dot’

The N8 phone has been promoted globally for some time now, with the focus being on its HD video recording function. The global advert is entitled ‘The Dot’ (below) and it is…well, beautiful.

The Chinese Promotional Campaign

The new campaign in the Mainland follows suit, but of course with a Chinese twist on things. These are the main elements:

Viral Videos

This my favourite part of the campaign. Nokia have created a number of viral videos to demonstrate the functionality (and of course the HD video camera) of the N8. Two of which are based around movies, the other two are more slightly more abstract.


The epic movie blockbuster ‘Inception‘ or “盗梦空间” (Dào mèng kōngjiān) in Chinese is the inspiration for this crowd-stopping viral video:

Pearl Harbor

The other popular N8 Chinese viral is a model remake of the attack on Pearl Harbor, shot entirely via the Nokia N8’s video camera – also visually stunning.

Here are the other two slightly more ‘traditional’ viral videos:

Remote Controlled Cars

Vibrating Fridge

TV Commercial
Nokia also released TV commercials in mainland China promoting the Nokia N8.

Here is the UK / USA version for comparison:

Promotional Poster

Last but not least, here is the Chinese Nokia N8 promo poster. Not exactly revolutionary…but here it is nonetheless.

Nokia N8 China - Promotional Poster

Credit to: Wielden+Kennedy

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