Heineken: ‘The Date’ In Chinatown

I should say that the following short film was not made in China, however it was sent to me by someone who thought it might be. I quite enjoyed it, and thought it was worth sharing.

The film is an advertisement for, ‘Heineken’ and is the sequel to their award winning ‘The Entrance‘ commercial. It is titled, ‘The Date‘.

Watch on Youtube

Watch on TudouThe ad is part of Heineken’s latest global campaign ‘Open Your World‘. According to Wieden + Kennedy (Amsterdam), the creative folk behind the film, it “follows a ‘Heineken Legend’ as he woos his stunning date on an epic journey — a glamorous tribute to all magical dates and legendary nights out.”

You will notice that the date takes place in a Chinese restaurant, but for some reason the backing music is in fact a 1960s Bollywood number called, ‘Jaan Pehechaan Ho’.

The ‘making of‘ film is also worth a watch. The commercial will no doubt appeal to the younger male audience wanting to follow in the ‘Heineken Legend’s footsteps.


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  • pat

    white man asian woman ad again

  • hashir

    last song is hindi

  • Jian

    How about Asian male lead and white female? Probably not. Western media again attempting to marginalize Chinese men in our own country. It’s time to say NO to white cultural colonialism.

    • Billy

      Are you dating a white female then?

      • Fred

        True, the casting is trite and cliched, but it’s not really going to work with an Oriental man and a Western woman, is it? Because nobody would believe it.

        • And thus, It’s difficult, but not impossible, for the asian guy (like me) to have that other girl. It is a Nice video nonetheless! (Have you watched Fast and Furious Five? Israeli Gal Gadot and Korean Sung Kang makes us dream big…)

          • fenqing

            it’s because its directed by an Asian director, get any white directors and you will see some asian nerds trying to fix up cars. White men are not our friends, they are the enemy that only trying to break us up and take our women.

    • Well…it is not about “White cultural colonialism”. We treat our woman better, so much that it’s got to the point that female empowerment has got out of control.. and it’s not up to MEN to control it… most of the time western women cannot even control themselves, nor accept men’s personalities and flaws. Chinese women haven’t reached that point yet (despite the fact of the high acceptance you Chinese people have for golddiggers, I mean, women who have lost all respect for themselves, young girls forced to marry rich fat old farts for their families economic sake), therefore we white man find fraternizing with chinese women not only a challenge, but also a great reward. And chinese girls find the same rewarding feeling, which has -finally- given many of us LaoWai who achieved that, a piece of mind regarding relationships. I haven’t heard about a chinese girl going out with a chinese man after they had a foreign boyfriend. So deal with it dude, treat your women better… respect them, take care of their feelings, otherwise you have lost all respect even for your own mother. Women are not birds to put in cages.

      • fenqing

        There you go again, are you implying white men treat women better than Chinese men again? then why don’t you see all 500 million Chinese women go for white men, jeez, your way of stereotyping is worse that white men chauvinistic mentality.

    • theadder

      We’re not trying to take your women, we are taking them. My wife is Asian and I’m white, same with many friends. You haven’t got what your women need.

  • not_op

    it’s that subtle message again..

  • John Connor

    What is the name of the “Stunning female” on The Date, in real life?
    Is she a model, or actress?

    • TankMikeX

      Samantha Rex and she is German/Thai

  • Tim

    Trivia: The female lead is Samantha Rex from Brooklyn based killer band The Attic Ends!!!

  • The

    Ignore theadder, he’s just insecure about his small penis and his wife’s reaction to it.

  • Gloria

    Does anyone know HIS name?
    I see a lot of questions about her, but he’s a hot guy too.
    Please reply if you do !

    • Nick

      Eric Monjoin I think.

  • KC Triple 10

    who is that model at the 28 second mark?

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