The Economist: Is China A Threat Or A Friend?

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Leading business magazine The Economist is questioning the rise of China as part of its award-winning, ‘Where do you stand?‘ advertising campaign.

China is a Threat to the West

China is a Friend to the West

Apologies for the low-res images, here is what the posters say:


Poster 1: China Is A Threat To The West

  • China spends about $100 billion on defence, almost three times as much as a decade ago, and nearly twice as much as Britain.
  • China cracked down on minorities in Tibet and Xinjiang and persecuted campaigners like the Nobel laureate, Liu Xiaobo.
  • China’s hunger for raw materials is exhausting the earth and bolstering corrupt regimes in the developing world.


Poster 2: China Is A Friend To The West

  • China makes a fifth of all the world’s goods. It kits out the West’s consumers and finances the West’s borrowers.
  • China goes out of its way to emphasise that it wants a “peaceful rise”. No other great power in history has done that.
  • China is the world’s biggest investor in green technology.


The two posters (above) will be placed next to each other, displaying both sides of the argument around China, at various media sites in the UK towards the end of June. The ads aim to attract new readers, challenging people’s misconceptions about the magazine being only for high-powered business people.

These posters also offer potential readers a free copy of the weekly magazine through a text code. Previously these advertisements have worked most effectively on the walls of London Underground’s tube stations as below:

London Underground

So what do you think, is China a threat or a friend to the West?

Agency credit: AMV BBDO

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