KFC Brings The Taste Of Ireland To China

Recent articles have been quite long of late, so I’ll keep this short and sweet like a shot of Baileys Irish Cream. Why the tedious reference to Baileys, you may ask. Believe it or not, KFC China has launched a new ‘taste of Ireland‘ chicken promotion for a limited time.

From the looks of things in the commercial it seems the, dare I say, ‘chef’ is fusing Irish whiskey with possibly milk to create what looks like Baileys Irish cream, and is pouring it over the chicken to give it an Irish flavour. I rather enjoyed seeing the Western gentleman’s reaction to the new KFC product. Here is the TV commercial below:

On YouTube

On YoukuOddly the promotional poster seems to show that the chicken itself can turn irish whiskey into irish cream…i am confused.

Have you been lucky enough to taste KFC’s Irish chicken?

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  • Leon

    I found it expensive and not tasty at all. The taste was a strange combination of spicy chicken and sweetness, but not in a sweet chilli sauce way… I wouldn’t recommend it.

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  • Even this, KFC couldn’t change its junk food nature.

  • Mad man

    Tastes like how I’d imagine shit would taste.


  • i love how KFC in China tries to present itself as a some what classy restaurant, when its nothing more than your average fast food outside of the middle kingdom.

  • Really they should have used Guinness – now THATS a taste of Ireland!!! :p

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  • Rod

    Wow, really stretching for topics now. Taste of Ireland in China huh… I don’t think much of KFC really tastes how it looks. It’s all kind of a greasy-spicy-salty mix.

    I prefer the greasy-salty-spicy taste of road side bbq

  • Englebert

    ‘Cabbage, bacon and spuds’ for ‘a taste of Ireland’, or some griddle cakes or coddle. The Irish do not pour Bailey’s, or whiskey, over fried chicken. What a terrible idea.

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