Sprite China: Kobe Bryant & Jay Chou Music Video

Sprite China - Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou 2011

Sprite China has paired up NBA Star Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers and Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou (周杰伦) for its 2011 Chinese marketing campaign. The two celebrities feature in a basketball themed song called “The Heaven and Earth Challenge” or in Chinese 天地一鬥 (Tiāndì yī dòu).

The ‘rough’ music video features Kobe and Jay duelling each other on the basketball court. Sprite or as it is called in China 雪碧 (Xuěbì) has managed to bring together two of Chinese youngsters favourite past-times: Singing (i.e. KTV) and Basketball. I have no doubt that this campaign will go down a storm in the Mainland.

On Youtube

On Tudou

The theme song can be downloaded as a ringtone from Sprite China’s website. All proceeds received from the downloads will be donated to Project Hope (希望工程 – Xīwàng gōngchéng), a charity that as part of its goals, aims to improve the basketball facilities available in poor Chinese schools.

Sprite China - Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou 7

Sprite China - Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou 4

A 30 second TV commercial promoting Sprite has also been produced and is currently airing in Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland:

On Youtube

On Tudou

Below is also a video that shows some behind the scenes footage of the music video:

Kobe seemed rather surprised by Jay Chou’s B-Ball skills, I doubt the same could be said for Jay Chou’s views on Kobe’s singing. Here is Kobe holding the new single.

Sprite China - Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou 6

For those who enjoyed the song and want to sing along, here are the lyrics:

Kobe Bryant: Do you know how to play B-ball, Jay Chou?
Jay Chou: Of Course!

天地山雨欲来 因为一场胜败 连风都躲在长城之后 屏息而待
众人的喝采 已九霄云外 你们该害怕接下来 我还会更快

Jay Jay Jay Chou,Chou Chou Chou Jay,Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Chou
Ko Ko Ko Be,Be Be Be Ko,Ko Ko Ko Ko Kobe Kobe
Kobe: So you wanna play ball or sing first?

What What What What Whatever
What What What What Whatever

你是天 我是地 如果合而为一我们天下无敌
你要记 我的名 走路有风这叫做自信

我深藏不露 我身影如梭 强悍如沙鸥只求 天地一斗
球场夜如墨 街灯亮如昼 只为了驰骋一宿 胜负不皱
我锐利如钩 你防如铁胄 用平分秋色幽了 天地一默
一笑泯恩仇 必争无王寇 我们快意且开阔 多年以后 喔

哼 一拳一脚打出自己招牌 别无分号如果你想要拆
首先你反应要比我更快 目前还没这样的人存在
再深的炼狱我都离的开 越热的考验越透心凉快
你想追求未来还是坐在场外 我用最炫的灵感自成一派

Kobe : Man!
Jay Chou: I’m not your man!
Kobe : YOU got spark!

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