Sprite: “Revolution” Commercial, Chinese Or North Korean?

Sprite Revolution Commercial

Sprite has just released a new commercial titled “Sprite Revolution” in Israel. It’s a parody of Kim Jong-il‘s North Korean dictatorship. Although some Western netizens believe that the advert is a reference to the Chinese revolution. What do you think?

On Youtube:

On Tudou:“Feel The Freshness”

The commercial is part of Sprite’s Israeli campaign, ‘Feel the Freshness’. The tagline for the commercial is “Sprite believes that everyone has a refreshing side…even the world’s toughest dictators.”

For those interested the end music is a remixed hip-hop version of Bill Conti’s original “Gonna Fly Now“, you may recognise it from the film ‘Rocky‘. It will be interesting to see how much offence (if any) this ad will cause.

Agency credit to: Publicis Israel (Geller-Nessis)

Just for fun…

Photographer James Mollionson has published a great book called, “Where Children Sleep”. One of the children is a Chinese kid called. ‘Dong‘. Here is the photo and description:

James Mollinson - Where Children Sleep (Dong - China)

‘Dong is nine years old. He lives in the province of Yunnan in Southwest China, with his parents, sister and grandfather. He shares a room with his sister and parents. They are a poor family who own just enough land to gorw their own rice and sugar cane. Dong’s school is twenty minutes’ walk away. He especially enjoys writing and singing. Most evenings, he spends one hour completing his homework and one hour watching television. His parents have to pay for his books and uniform but his tuition is free because he comes from a rural area. Dong’s mother is pleased that her son can have an education, something she herself has never had. Dong’s favourite food is pork, sweets and ice cream, but the family also eat other meat, fish and vegetables. When he is older, Dong would like to be a policeman, because he’ll be able to ‘catch thieves and run around’.

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  • Billy

    I like it! Rocky music and the flyover – very nice!

  • darkandlovelykissedbythe


    Find the last part of this entry interesting. Wouldn’t mind reading the book.

  • jump

    Who cares? I have the sofa.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Just found out I don’t have the sofa :(.

  • It’s weird that an Israeli ad would be in English…

  • RanE

    I think it more North Korean just because the leader is bald and not trying to cover it up as best as possible. His attire is also more Korean looking.
    In any case I think the agency made it obscure enough so no one will be able to determine that conclusively.

    Oh, and English on T.V is very common in Israel.

    • The leader look like the hybird of Chiang Kai Shek and Mao Zedong imo. =D

      • 2B-real

        uh if you look at it again the North Korean flag or rendition of it was dangling from the buildings behind the marching soldiers. BUt if you still take it as obscure. It can be any asian Revolutionary leader from Vietnam, Myanmar, China, North Korea Rolled into 1 funny satirical commercial. Is it really from Israel?

  • Meh

    This commercial is awesome! xD! CAN YOU FEEL IT!?!

  • jl9q2kk

    Just to let you know, this is North Korea! Just look at the flags, you will know, unless you have no idea what’s the difference between North Korean Flag and Chinese Flag.

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