• Billy

    I like it! Rocky music and the flyover – very nice!

  • darkandlovelykissedbythe


    Find the last part of this entry interesting. Wouldn’t mind reading the book.

  • jump

    Who cares? I have the sofa.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Just found out I don’t have the sofa :(.

  • It’s weird that an Israeli ad would be in English…

  • RanE

    I think it more North Korean just because the leader is bald and not trying to cover it up as best as possible. His attire is also more Korean looking.
    In any case I think the agency made it obscure enough so no one will be able to determine that conclusively.

    Oh, and English on T.V is very common in Israel.

    • The leader look like the hybird of Chiang Kai Shek and Mao Zedong imo. =D

      • 2B-real

        uh if you look at it again the North Korean flag or rendition of it was dangling from the buildings behind the marching soldiers. BUt if you still take it as obscure. It can be any asian Revolutionary leader from Vietnam, Myanmar, China, North Korea Rolled into 1 funny satirical commercial. Is it really from Israel?

  • Meh

    This commercial is awesome! xD! CAN YOU FEEL IT!?!

  • jl9q2kk

    Just to let you know, this is North Korea! Just look at the flags, you will know, unless you have no idea what’s the difference between North Korean Flag and Chinese Flag.

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