Suzuki Kizashi: Giving Way To A Mazda6 In A Narrow Street

A viral advertisement for Suzuki's Kizashi car model.

The following video on China’s popular online video sharing service Youku has accumulated over 380k views 2 days after it was uploaded. Two cars in Shanghai, China find themselves head to head in a narrow street. Who will give way to who first?

From Youku:

Neighborhood security camera captures history’s most niu giving way!

Comments from Youku:

[email protected]:

A Suzuki advertisement?


If this were China, I bet it would take 8 hours before who should give way to who is settled.

wengbin22: (responding to above)


twinsnake: (responding to liutouhou)

Look at the bottom left corner: CHINA!
It’s a neighborhood community in China.


Suzuki Kizashi, 4 wheel drive is niubi.


The benefit of front-wheel drive…


The one driving the other way is a woman…


Fatties are all practical/realistic people. 赞赞赞


If China had a few more of this kind of person with character, [China’s] social atmosphere would definitely be much better.

bingo262: (responding to wengzhan)

Suzuki Kizashi is four-wheel drive.


Is this very niu? Though its certainly true that the fatty is a good/nice person.


Excuse me, take a look again, do you see the back wheels turning at all?? 汗


Who said Chinese people have low characters? 赞

水浅清: (responding to daduner)

Does four-wheel drive mean all the wheels have to turn?
Then what is the differential for!


It’s an advertisement, though the car is indeed not bad.


I thought he was getting off to find a brick.


There’s enough room for two cars there! It’s just a problem of skill.


When encountering my Mazda6…this [giving way] is what should happen.

泡泡龙叔: (responding to 水浅清)

Then what’s a differential lock for?


This is obviously an advertisement~~


That other driver’s dad may be Li Gang. 搞笑搞笑 Otherwise how was this brother forced onto the sandbags?


Requesting the background music!


At 55 seconds, the camera moved a bit.


Begging on my knees for the background music.

cyaygxt: (responding to above)

Now I know something is wrong with my sound card.

4213364: (responding to above)

This background music is awesome.


There’s background music??


I can only say it is creative. Some people will say anything is the most niu. Fuck!

A viral advertisement for Suzuki's Kizashi car model.

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