Taobao Mobile: “Taobao Never Leaves The Palm Of Your Hands”

Taobao Mobile - Taobao In The Palm Of Your Hands

To raise awareness about Taobao’s new mobile app, China’s largest e-commerce website commissioned advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather (Beijing) to create an online series called “Taobao Never Leaves The Palm Of Your Hands”.

The creative concept ties in with Taobao’s fun, playful and innovative brand image while showing how mobile devices serve as a viable alternative to personal computers. The videos also highlight the app’s features and express the urban consumers’ desire to take control of their busy lives. The “Dating” video represents the majority of male Android users while the “Subway” ad caters to female iOS users.



English translation
随时随地玩淘宝 (Suíshí suídì wán Táobǎo)
Taobao at Anytime, Anywhere

淘不出手心 (Táo bù chūshǒu xīn)
Taobao Never Leaves the Palm of Your Hand

手机淘宝 (Shǒujī táobǎo)
Taobao Mobile App

Agency credit to: Ogilvy & Mather (Beijing)
Creative Director: ZHOU Ning
Account Lead: LIU Xinglun, Vicky Liu
Art Director: ZHAO Guanlu, XIE Chenghao, YANG Fuyu
Copywriter: LIU Chunxia

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