The North Face: Inspiring Chinese City Dwellers To “Go Wild”

The North Face (China) - Go Wild

Outdoor sports gear and apparel company, The North Face, is looking to encourage Chinese urbanites to leave their hectic day-to-day lives and get out into the great outdoors through a new ad campaign created with Ogilvy & Mather (Shanghai).

The North Face enlisted acclaimed Chinese film director Lu Chuan to create an online documentary series consisting of four short films focusing around the journeys of a determined mountain climber, an adventurous volunteer, a passionate wildlife photographer and a successful entrepreneur as they rediscover themselves and those around them through an exploration of nature.

Here is one of the films featuring Sun Mian, Founder and Director of Newsweekly Magazine.

In the video Sun Mian takes his grown son on a hike through the harsh mountains of Tibet, a daunting prospect on their first ever hike together. The story depicts their generation gap and the disparity between the aging yet athletic father and his young, urban son. Despite the severe conditions and the son’s inexperience in mountain climbing, the pair’s bond grows immeasurably as they explore and tackle nature together, and emerge victorious.

The other three films are hosted on The North Face’s “Go Wild” microsite but can also be viewed via the following links:

Sun Bin (Former National Mountaineering Team Coach)
Zhang Xiaoyan (Volunteer and Traveller)
Xi Zhinong (Wildlife Photographer)

A series of print advertisements below have also been placed in heavy traffic areas including subway stations and Wangfujing in Beijing, Xujiahui in Shanghai and in magazines such as New Weekly.

President of Newsweekly Magazine Mr. SUN Mian

“Get rid of all the tags you have when you are in the cities. Go run freely in the outdoors, release yourself and be the nature’s kid again. GO WILD.”

Former Nat'l Mountaineering Team Coach Mr. SUN Bin

“To experience the extreme, to conquer the last meter before the summit. The highest mountain actually sits within your heart. GO WILD.”

Volunteer & Traveler Ms. ZHANG Xiaoyan

“To embrace the strangeness, togetherness and seperation. Don’t keep waiting for someone or something, the unexpected is waiting for you on the road. GO WILD.”

“Be part of the air, the river, the spring. Blend yourself into the nature and embrace it. GO WILD.”

Agency credit to: Ogilvy & Mather (Shanghai)
Brand Strategy: Edward Bell
Creative: Kama Zhang, Graham Fink, Francis Wee, Stanley Tao, Fiona Chen, Huijun Dong
Engagement Planning: Keen Yim, Morgan Cao
Account Management: Morgan Cao
Agency Producer: Aywei Wong
Film Script: Vivian Tu, Stanley Tao
PR: Vivian Tu, Summer Jin, Nara Hu, Vicky Yu, Diane Deng
Media agency: Neo@Ogilvy
Production house: Chuan Films Production

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