• GreenTea

    Gap is so shitty.
    gtfo of my country.

    • GreenTea

      also Gap clothing tends to be bigger than what the number says on the clothing.

      because they want the fat americans to feel less of a fatass than they actually are.

  • anon

    Haha, Julia Frakes liked this post on Facebook!


  • fenqing mike

    having a white caveman holding a chinese women, what a bull load western propaganda.

  • Jennifer Gilman

    China is no different than the USA… money rules. Make no mistake about it.

  • Arc

    Can’t believe how dumb GAP are with this bullshit. HURR. Let’s put a white guy with a Chinese girl. They’ll be sure to buy it.

  • WAAM

    Y&R is such a bad ad agency in China. What a shitty and uninspiring “new” logo.

  • Xqrz912

    There seem to be three ways that one can lose one’s center in the modern era: being overly interested in acquiring money; being “interested” in something merely diverting such as popular culture; paying any attention whatsoever to advertising. Advertising, all advertising that isn’t the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is simply a lie… an effort to make you believe something that isn’t true either about you or it. But mostly about you.

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