Gap: First Ever Chinese Advertising Campaign

GAP China - Print Ad (Wang Momo and Julia Frakes)

With Gap’s Chinese online store going live shortly, the high street clothing giant has just launched a new print ad campaign to raise the brand’s profile.

The ad above features two popular online bloggers (of all things): Julia Frakes, who is also a model, and illustrator Wang Momo, famous for creating the Tuzki (兔斯基) rabbit.

The second ad (below) features a slightly odder combination of Chinese award-winning actress Zhōu Xùn (周迅) and EarthEcho campaigner Philippe Cousteau Jr.

GAP China - Print Ad (Zhou Xun and Phillipe Costeau Jr)

The photography for the ads was done by Annie Leibovitz.

With three of their major rivals H&M, Zara and Uniqlo already setup in China, Gap will need to ensure their marketing strategy is up to scratch and appeals to the Chinese audience.

Let us just hope this campaign is more popular than the recent attempt to change the logo!

Gap Logos (New and Old)

Credit to: Y&R (Shanghai Branch)

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  • GreenTea

    Gap is so shitty.
    gtfo of my country.

    • GreenTea

      also Gap clothing tends to be bigger than what the number says on the clothing.

      because they want the fat americans to feel less of a fatass than they actually are.

  • anon

    Haha, Julia Frakes liked this post on Facebook!

  • fenqing mike

    having a white caveman holding a chinese women, what a bull load western propaganda.

  • Jennifer Gilman

    China is no different than the USA… money rules. Make no mistake about it.

  • Arc

    Can’t believe how dumb GAP are with this bullshit. HURR. Let’s put a white guy with a Chinese girl. They’ll be sure to buy it.

  • WAAM

    Y&R is such a bad ad agency in China. What a shitty and uninspiring “new” logo.

  • Xqrz912

    There seem to be three ways that one can lose one’s center in the modern era: being overly interested in acquiring money; being “interested” in something merely diverting such as popular culture; paying any attention whatsoever to advertising. Advertising, all advertising that isn’t the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is simply a lie… an effort to make you believe something that isn’t true either about you or it. But mostly about you.

  • 陈玉娟

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