Let’s GAP Together Campaign Rolls Out Again In China

Let's Gap Together In China

2010 saw the US clothing store GAP enter the Chinese retail market. To announce itself in China it launched an advertising campaign titled “Let’s GAP Together“.

Billboards across Shanghai showed photos of Chinese and Western celebrities paired together, with each photo taken by legendary American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz. Celebrities included Zhou Xun and Philip Cousteau Jr. (environmentalists), Jolin Tsai and Usher (entertainers), Annie Leibovitz and Wing Shya (photographers).

The new phase of the campaign, recently launched in Mainland China and Hong Kong, pairs new icons from the US and China celebrating both their commonality and their individuality. Six talents paired as:

Originals (Angelababy & Pharrell Williams)
Angelababy & Pharrell Williams “I can be myself when working with Gap. I have the space to develop my imagination and the freedom to choose what I like.” (Angelababy)

Visual Vanguard (Cui Xiuwen & Aaron Young)
Cui Xiuwen & Aaron Young “I didn’t know Aaron before we first met in New York for the shoot. Since we have the same experience of art creation, there’s no distance between us.” (Cui XiuWen)

Rockers (Muma & Juliet Simms)
Muma & Juliet Simms “Gap let me be the artist I am. And that’s a beautiful thing.” (Juliet Simms)
Why Gap chose me? I think it’s because I have my own unique characteristics.” (Muma)

All of the above are renowned individuals in their industry and share the same common passion for what they do. They were selected specifically as it was felt they epitomize the freedom of embracing one’s passion and expressing one’s individuality.

According to the Chief Creative Officer of Y&R, Nils Andersson, “This phase of the ‘Let’s Gap Together’ campaign is all about optimism for the future. Continuing Gap’s spirit of liberation, it pairs the next generation of Chinese and Americans at a time when the Sino-American connection is one of the most important relationships of this century.”

Let's Gap Together China

Agency credit to: Y&R (China)
Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson
Creative Director: Nils Andersson / AS Anam / Jonathan Mo
Art Director: AS Anam / Nils Andersson / Recky Hou
Copywriter: Nils Andersson / Nadia Au / Mido Xu
Designer: Jonathan Mo / Yu Tingjun
Account Manager: Henry Chan / Sarah Yana / Amy Luca
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Retoucher: AL Studio

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  • Sachin

    GAP & other western corporation use sweat shops in Asia to produce their goods….please do not buy anything from them….Children as young as 10 work 24/7 with no pay for these two faced companies and they sell the products for 100’s of dollar in the west..How do I know?

    I’m from India and many companies here employee kids to cut cost and sell bags, clothes, shoes to these companies….Just youtube for more info on child labour in India and who are their employers…

    • Cleo

      There is a huge poverty in both China and India – are you saying that companies are now choosing to employ children over adults like the Nazis and Japanese who threw kidnapped Jewish and Chinese children down mines to work with smaller bodies and smaller hands?

      • Cleo

        Did you know that the Snow White’s Seven Dwarves in the original GERMAN story were actually children based on the FACT that the Germans wanted children to work their mines? Did Germany inspire Taro Aso’s family to demand that Chinese children especially if they were from more fortunate home invaded households be taken and thrown down the Aso mines in Japan that would later be worked by POWs who found the clothing and corpses of Chinese children carpet under their feet.

    • Cleo

      Snow White’s Seven dwarves in the original German story were actually children because it was a fact that the germans used children in their mines. Later, the Japanese would single out the Chinese children from more fortunate households to be taken away and thrown down Taro Aso’s family mines. IT was important that the children taken away had to have been cared for by their families so that the emotional violence would be greater. Why is anyone even buying Bridgestone tires to subsidize Taro Aso’s bragged about champagne and caviar lifestyle?

      why aren’t we boycotting Japanese products including their ANZAC acquisitions and Phillips electronics and Madame Alexander toys?

      You are paying for the very weapons that will kill you.

      • mr. wiener

        ANZAC acquisitions? WTF is that?

    • Passer By

      I can accept the argument that a working child can be good for the family in the short run. Given that many of the west’s great minds would have been out in the fields at 12, I would have thought poverty and working conditions were the biggest problems.


    Looks like they missed the main market of advertising, Chinese couples!!!


    • Passer By

      hmm…. There’s the English First ads in Shanghai. Tall older white man tied with a rope to a younger (30ish) Chinese office girl.

    • John Dalton

      Looks like you missed the main group that advertisers like GAP are targeting in China–youth, ages 14 to 25 with expendable income like never before.

      I assume, by the nature of your comment, that you were little rewarded by contributing worthwhile material to discussion boards and instead decided to rely on dull wits and caps lock?

      When you’ve prepared a little research and can offer some insight with relevant supporting material in a well thought out but brief paragraph, I will consider your thoughts.

      TILL THEN!

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