Weird & Wonderful Chinese Advertising Of 2010

Chinese Advertising 2010

2010 was the year of the Tiger (and I don’t mean Mr. Woods). It certainly brought an exciting 365 days for the Chinese; whether it be the colossal Shanghai EXPO, the launch of ‘China’s Got Talent‘, seeing Google going toe-to-toe with the Chinese government, or perhaps the fact that Facebook might be coming back to the Mainland?!

Who knows…but let us take a deep breath and look back at some the creative work that has emerged from the PRC in the past year — rather than doing a top 10  (…way too difficult) it seemed more appropriate to pay homage to some of this year’s work by doing an Oscaresque “best of” each category. Let’s begin…


Brand: Absolut Vodka
Campaign: Absolut 72变 (Transformations) — Limited Edition Bottles
Agency: TBWA Greater China

Swedish Vodka brand Absolut created a limited edition version of its bottle solely for the Chinese market. It was inspired by the Journey to the West’s legendary Monkey King – (Sun Wukong) and his 72 ‘biàn’ aka transformations. Only 350,000 bottles were produced.

Absolut 72 Bian - Limited Edition Chinese bottle




Brand: Inalfa Sunroofs
Campaign: ‘Give Your Family A Better View’
Agency: JWT China

A very bold campaign – both amusing and memorable.

Inalfa Sunroofs - Drunkard

Inalfa Sunroofs - Aunty

Inalfa Sunroofs - Doggy Style


Direct Marketing
Brand: Guangyin Yoga Club (Shanghai)
Campaign: Man Inside A Box
Agency: n/a

Guangyin Yoga Club - Man Inside A Box

A simple, effective, original, and widely talked about execution that won the yoga club far more customers than it had expected, plus the total cost of the campaign was £74. The holy grail of marketing campaigns — innovative, cheap and gets results.

On Youtube:

On Tudou:


Brand: Air China
Campaign: Be Our Guest
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Beijing Branch)

A world away from the powerful, authoritarian, and no-nonsense image of the Chinese Government. The state-run national airline, ‘Air China’ used a cute cuddly bear to promote how much it values its customers.

It might not be the most amazing TV Commercial of 2010 but for some reason it brings a smile to my face.

On Youtube:

On Youku:


Brand: IBM
Campaign: eX5 server viral
Agency: OgilvyOne (Beijing Branch)

‘Hu Ge’ has created some amazing virals this year, but a viral that really stood out was this retro viral from IBM to promote its eX5 server.

On Youtube:

On Youku:


Celebrity Endorsement
Brand: Lipton
Campaign: Lipton Milk Tea
Agency: DDB (Shanghai Branch)

Takeshi Kaneshiro (Chinese name: Jīnchéng Wǔ – 金城武) stepped up to promote Lipton Milk Tea on Chinese shores with a TV / Poster campaign.

On Youtube:

On Youku:

Lipton Tea (China) - Milk Tea 1

Lipton Tea (China) - Milk Tea 2


Brand: Forever Bicycles
Campaign: Forever C
Agency: n/a

Forever Bicycles - Forever C

Forever Bicycles (永久 – Yǒng jiǔ) launched a new range of colourful retro-styled bikes under a new brand called, ‘Forever C’. The ‘C’ has six meanings:

  • China – 中国 (Zhōng guó)
  • Classic – 经典 (Jīng diǎn)
  • City – 都市 (Dū shì)
  • Colourful – 多彩 (Duō cǎi)
  • Cycle – 自行车 (Zì xíng chē)
  • Culture – 文化 (Wén huà)

Forever C - 1

Forever C - 2

Forever C - 3

Forever C - 4

Forever C - 5

Forever C - 6

Forever C - 7


Social Marketing
Brand: Beijing Women & Children Development Foundation
Campaign: Do They Really Know Their Food
Agency: Shunya (Shanghai Branch)

A nice little poster campaign telling parents to ensure they know what their children are eating. Look closely now…

Beijing Women & Children Development Foundation - 3

Beijing Women & Children Development Foundation - 2

Beijing Women & Children Development Foundation - 1


Brand: Nike China
Campaign: Liu Xiang More Than A Flying Man
Agency: W+K (Shanghai Branch)


For more information click HERE


Brand: Osim
Campaign: Osim Sona Pillow
Agency: JWT (Hong Kong Branch)

Osim used some wonderful imagery to promote its super comfy Sona Pillow.

osim - kung fu 1

osim - kung fu 2

osim - kung fu 3

No doubt many of you will have you’re own favourite works from the past year, please do share them in the comments section.

Happy New Year one and all.

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