361 Degrees: “Love” Campaign For The 2010 Asian Games

361 Degrees (三六一度  – 361 Dù) is one of China’s fastest growing sportswear companies. The firm’s latest advertising campaign is a tie-up with the 2010 Asian Games which are soon to be held in China’s third largest city Guangzhou (广州). Here is the TV ad:

English Version

Chinese Version

The campaign is titled ‘Love’ and it aims to show that love, like sport, although a joy can also be painful. The TV commercial above shows the pain athletes go through when competing at the highest level.

It is an emotional campaign, but I believe this factor will be appreciated by many Chinese consumers. Wouldn’t you agree?

If you liked the above, here are two other TV commericals from 361 Degrees ahead of the upcoming games:

The ‘Love’ campaign also rolls out with accompanying advertising posters below:

361 Degrees - Love (Asia Games 2010) One

361 Degrees - Love (Asia Games 2010) Two

361 Degrees - Love (Asia Games 2010) Three

And finally, the 2010 Asian Games would not be considered a major Chinese event if it did not have its own theme tune, and it comes courtesy of Han Geng (韩庚) and Zhou Bichang (周笔畅).

So all that is left to say is…let the games begin!

Credit to: Ogilvy & Mather (Shanghai Branch)

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  • GreenTea

    nice, that commerical gave me that “fuzzy” feeling :D

  • ET

    This is Genius. The TV spot looks like a Nike ad and the OOH were exact copies from adidas BJ08 olympics. Booyah!

  • BK

    It looks like a Nike ad to you because it’s a passionate sports ad. Actually copy conveys a rather original idea.

    Also, the Adidas Olympic print was about the country supporting the athlete and nothing like this.

  • Dan Moeller

    Hi, I am in the Commercial “Love” I was wondering if i could get a copy of the english version?

    • Daniel Gilroy

      Hi Dan,

      Your best bet is to contact Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai branch or find software online that will allow you rip it off the internet.


      • Dan Moeller

        You wouldnt happen to have their contact information would you? Thanks again for your help and Happy Holidays!!!

        • Ogilvy & Mather Beijing

          Telephone: 86-10-85206688
          Fax: 86-10-85206060

          9th Floor, Huali Building,
          No.58 Jinbao Street, Beijing, PRC
          Post Code: 100005

          Merry Christmas to you too.

  • dan moeller

    Do they have an email addrss? I live in the united states so I can call them. Thanks again for your help.


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