• jump

    On the sofa with a plate of pancakes covered with maple syrup :D

    • cdn icehole

      Right next to you with a large double-double and a Blueberry Fritter.

  • Tommy

    I really wonder how mainland Chinese will interact with the friendly Canadians. I mean–they usually want a crazy amount of attention in restaurants…

    • cdn icehole

      Are you saying that Canadians want crazy amount of attention or the Chinese?

  • Vancouver is already like an upscale Chinese city

    • NormIsHere

      Vancouver yes and don’t forget the tons of Chinese in Toronto.

      Couldn’t see all the pictures but I wonder if they will advertise the multi-cultural aspect of the country, perhaps not a big selling point for the Chinese!

      Maybe a picture of the Bethune Memorial House would not hurt!

      • Dark Canuck

        But other then really those two cities in Canada being heavily Chinese populated, and Bramptom (aka Bramladesh) being full ofindian people. Canada is a pretty White Washed Country.

        • Xero

          Its alright. the rest of Canada isn’t very significant anyways. There are scores of different ethnic groups just in Vancouver alone. Its a good thing to mention when advertising to foreigners (Chinese in this case – yea I said it!).

          Leading by example is what Vancouver is good at. No matter how hard you fight, eventually you become integrated into the membrane of Multiculturalism.

          A little off topic: Come to think of it I don’t recall anyone ever using the word foreigner while growing up in Van. Such a statement would be ridiculous.

          Oh and god praise Vancouver! for its 42% no religious affiliation.

      • lol

        lol nobody in canada knows who bethune is

        • Sam

          Come on, he was a Canadian suregon who went to China in the late 30s.

  • Of Canada

    We welcome your tourism. . And I’m glad the visa process is easier for Chinese to visit now. Just hope you don’t ALL decide to live here. I like Canada’s population to remain small. It’s having a small population that makes this country great.

    • suxoid

      And who is going to fund you pension and health system without infusion of new money? Sucks for real estate prices in downtown Vancouver though.

  • William Rabschutz

    Vancouver is great. It’s very expensive but has a very low violent crime rate. If it wasn’t for being too expensive and cold year round, I would move there in a heartbeat.

  • haha 100 million chinese going around canada? they will eat all your salmon, kill all your bears for fur and leave tons of trash on the streets, oh, and opening supermarkets that sell expired goods. But you will still have your maple syrup. Plus, if you don’t have many shopping malls they will find it boring. And they are afraid of quiet nights. haha. I don’t get it… Canada makes the visa processes easier for Pakis, Chinese, etc… but not for south americans like me (we are different than mexicans, avoid stupid racist comments, they only make you look more stupid than you already are)

  • achinesegirl

    The idea is not bad but the Chinese translation is terrible! I wonder how many targeted Chinese potential tourists would feel the same as me. Why would i come all the way to Canada just to say hello to every street?

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