Chinese Celebrities Target USA’s Sinophobia For Hu Visit

Chinese celebrities

This week is a big week for China. The eyes of the world will be watching closely as Chinese President Hu Jintao meets with US President Barack Obama in Washington on Wednesday for his first and last state visit.

Barack Obama and Hu Jintao

In true Chinese Government style, the communist party is using the “legacy-building” event (and has invested a lot of money) to try and counter America’s negative perceptions of the PRC.

During the week of the Presidential visit, the Chinese State Council Information Office will broadcast TV advertisements in the USA that promote a China-friendly message with an underlying theme of ‘Hello world, here we come‘.

How the “here we come” message goes down in the States will be interesting, especially with all the sinophobia that went on in 2010 (i.e. The Chinese Professor Ad). One also has to question whether this kind of obvious campaigning will make up for China’s PR nightmare that has worsened of late, take Liu Xiaobao’s (刘晓波) Nobel Prize saga as a prime example.

A demonstrator holds a picture of Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo during a protest outside the US Consulate General in Hong Kong

To truly be seen as a “friendly” China must adapt its methods to dealing with things it does not like. Western nations often look on in shock as they witness -via Western media- the power the Chinese Government has over its people.

Unfortunately, the advert itself is being kept under wraps until Wednesday, but from what we know so far it will feature a host of over 50 Chinese celebrities. Here is a rough list of some of those featured:

If you live in the states you will be able to watch a range of “Friendly China” commercials over the coming week. One will broadcast  on the big screen at New York’s Times Square on the day of President Hu’s visit to Washington. At a later date the advertisements will go live across the world. We will aim to upload the advert to chinaSMACK as soon as we can.

In the meantime here are some sneak photos (in a weird Chinese collage) of the celebrities being filmed for the ad.

Chinese celebrities in the film

UPDATE: Here is the advert itself lighting up Times Square

If you’re interested in following the visit day-to-day the Financial Times is doing a China Shapes The World editorial throughout the week so certainly worth a read. Here is the rather nice advertisement promoting it:

Financial Times - China World

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  • Jack

    Who cares about puppet Barack Obama and Hu-Jintao….if you still believe US is ruled from white house and China from Beijing…You need to wake real fast up..

    This is just a show..the real rulers of the world are behind the scenes… bottom line …. ordinary people are screwed if they are in China or doesn’t matter

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  • TNT

    Most Americans don’t even know who Hu Jintao is..

  • It has been interesting to watch the events out of Beijing the last couple of weeks. If the powers to be thought their dog and pony show was going to “shock and awe” everyone, I believe they were gravely mistaken – especially given the reception coming from Moscow and Washington D.C..

    • KT

      Couldn’t agree more. Whichever agency sold this Hello World we’re coming to get ya concept to Team Hu should be boiled in recycled cooking oil. The only resonation will be laughter and derision. Anyway, I totally sick of viewing that deformed pinhead Yao Ming.

      • According to reports the agency that created the film was “Lintas Worldwide (Shanghai Branch). However, the production was greatly influenced by the Chinese (SCIO).

        Therefore don’t blame the agency :)

  • Carl

    I wonder how much all of this, plus the ads fee and the added “if you play this we’ll…” costed the Chinese.

  • JW

    I thought the commercial that aired on CNN was good but intimidating, probably because it means that the end of western civilization is drawing to a close.

  • Ethan JRT

    Long form:

    Two comments:
    1. Such a high-budget project should have included better English translation.
    2. Those who can read Chinese, note the differences between the audio and the subtitles during the section on politics and the law. I want to translate the Chinese into English it at some point and put them side by side but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it.

  • I am not sure whether or not this is a good slogan. After all, it is way too similar to Imperial japan’s message to the United States prior to the Second World War. In order to lessen the world’s fear of China, PRC just need to show commitment in improving its human rights record. But that is kinda hard to do, since we all know such move is against many of the nepostic officials in the Chinese communist party.

    • isenkrammer

      I’d say the best solution would be wiping out the entire Chinese population and then repopulate the country by Scandinavians. Now maybe I should try writing this into a book and then see if I can get da Nobel Peace Prize.

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