Chinese Government Releases Pro-China Documentary Online

China National Image Campaign

Last week we saw New York’s Time Square taken over with that 60 second pro-China advertisement courtesy of the Chinese Government. Even now it is still playing at various times every hour on the big screens in the heart of NYC.

China New York Times Square

A week later, the next stage of the Chinese Government’s campaign to revamp the image of China in the West has rolled out with a 15 minute (well technically 18min) documentary promoting the wonders of China and its people from various “perspectives”.

The documentary is titled “角度篇” (Jiǎodù piān) or in English “Perspectives” and you can watch it on Youtube / Youku below:

On Youtube

Part 1

Part 2

On Youku

The documentary will be sent out to embassies and consulates around the world. It will also be played at various events promoting Chinese tourism.

Having watched the video a couple of times, I found that it certainly tries to be honest and open about China’s internal conflicts and the difficulties it faces.

Of course, the more controversial areas such as freedom of speech etc were not covered per se, but I did not find the contents of the video to be creating a completely misleading image of modern China.

Yet one must not forget the source of the vnideo ad its intentions, so I ask you:

Does this video promote real China? Or is it just pure propaganda?

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