Chinese Creativity At The Spikes Asia Awards 2011

Spike Asia 2011

This year there were 3,647 pieces of advertising entered into the 2011 Spikes Asia Advertising Festival, the region’s oldest and most prestigous awards and festival for creative excellence in advertising and communications. Below are some of the best entries from agencies based in Mainland China.

Please note, a number of entries – including those that won awards – are not featured below as they have been covered in previously as part of the review of this year’s Cannes Lions Festival (links to these entries can be found at the bottom of this page).

The Evoque Effect
Client: Land Rover
Agency: Wunderman

Land Rover - The Evoque Effect

The Evoque Effect – Episode 1 (Watch on the campaign website)

“The Evoque Effect” is an online film split into 8 parts, that supported the global launch of the new Range Rover Evoque reaching out to a younger, more online, target consumer. The 8-part action mini-series utilized a unique combination of comic book style illustrations interwoven with live action film, never before seen in China. Viewers followed the story of a young architect who faced endless challenges as he battled to finish his design for an architectural competition. 

Client: Siemens
Agency: Leo Burnett (Shanghai Branch)

An ad showing Siemens refrigerator’s Vacuum technology trapping “the freshness”.

People’s Car Project
Client: Volkswagen
Agency: Proximity (Shanghai Branch)

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This Internet Film aired on the biggest Chinese Video Platforms to drive traffic to Volkswagen’s ‘People’s Car Project’ – A project that inspired people to come up with new ideas about cars and mobility. The result was a new car, the first Volkswagen created by the people for the people. ‘Mascot’ is a film out of a series to spark people’s imagination to create their own car ideas. No matter how odd, which color, shape or function. A car can be anything.

Yue-Sai – Buzz My Heart
Client: L’Oreal
Agency: Wunderman

Watch on Youku

Yue-Sai’s “Buzz My Heart” was an innovative, cross platform online film that centered on the modern day, familiar joys and struggles of 3 young urban women in Shanghai who become friends through a famous blogger who mysteriously disappears. Separated into 8 episodes, “Buzz My Heart’s” womens’ stories were inspired by real and controversial online conversations from the Chinese blogsphere. The core of “Buzz My Heart” was the 8 part video series chronicling these stories- – however, the content and the consumer experience spread beyond the video through character blogs, Sina Twitter updates, regular blogger debates, behind the scenes fashion and styling stories and weekly contest based quizzes and polls. To focus on winning the consumers with great content and relevant stories first (without distracting the consumers with a brand that many thought was not relevant to them), the series remained unbranded for the first 4 episodes. Following fifth episode, the Yue Sai brand and product was tastefully intertwined with character stories and online consumer engagement.

Johnnie Walker – Words On A Journey (Yulu)
Client: Diageo
Agency: BBH (Shanghai Branch)

For more information visit the Spikes case study site / campaign website.

The pace of change in China is unique. It’s tangible. It’s visible. This film lays bare the aspirations, commitment and depth of a group of young Chinese people (businessmen, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, etc.) who are committed to a new vision of progress in China. They are raw, vivid and gritty portrayals of the achievements of a sample of China’s ‘new progressives’. Their stories tell us that a truly modern progressive China is so much richer, multi-faceted and surprising than the single-minded pursuit of wealth. The feature length film premiered at the 35th International Hong Kong Film Festival to a sold-out audience. Thirty second TV spots drove wider awareness of the project and directed viewers to an online site where the film was released in 12 segments. In just 8 weeks the Yulu campaign reached 19 million views. The debate that the brand has sparked and framed continues to ripple across China.

The Store / Restaurant / Bath House
Client: Electrolux
Agency: Y&R (Beijing Branch)

Electolux - The Restaurant

Electolux - Bath House

Electolux - The Store

Bear / Boar / Tiger
Client: Wang & Li Asia Resources
Agency: Y&R Beijing

Wang & Li Asia Resources - Bear

Wang & Li Asia Resources - Boar

Wang & Li Asia Resources - Tiger

Dead Man Walking
Client: BTDZ Road Safety Commission
Agency: Y&R (Beijing Branch)

On one of the busiest roads in the city, a series of figures were installed. These figures were reminiscent of the outline chalked around a corpse. These walking corpses appeared where it was ‘not’ safe to cross, and carried a compelling message, which directed pedestrians to a safer place. They were also coated with fluorescent paint so to be visible at night.

Plastic Bag Monster
Client: Roots and Shoots
Agency: Bates 141 (Shanghai Branch)

Plastic Bag Monsters - Root and Shoots Shanghai

Founded by renowned primatologist and environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall, Roots and Shoots is an international organization that believes education for environmental issues should start young. The organization was looking for a dramatic way to communicate the dire consequences of plastic waste to students. The agency decided to let the students themselves get involved. Large bins were set up in schools, asking kids to donate used plastic bags. The bags were then used to build a 3-storey high inflatable monster, displayed in schools and other public areas, with the message: “Waste plastic bags and they’ll come back to haunt you.” The Monster was unveiled at an official event officiated by Dr. Jane Goodall herself. The Monster has stormed various schools and public places, and is scheduled to appear in even more schools in the coming year. Numerous excited and curious kids. A few frightened students.

Meters/bonwe – Skate Wash Denim
Client: Meters/bonwe
Agency: JWT (Shanghai Branch)

Metersbonwe - Skate Wash Denim
Read more on JWT’s website

MJeans wants to own street culture. Thus its target are those youngsters who love street culture, stylish and unique. We chose the skateboard players. They needed to create something close to these youngsters. It had to arouse their interest immediately and let them join in. JWT wrapped a famous skate park with denim and attracted players to skateboard on it. They could challenge all kinds of high difficult actions on this brand new stage, through which it will leave a strong impression that the brand represents the street culture. The event created heated discussion in Shanghai skateboard circle. After the Denim Skate Park was built up, the traffic in Top Toys Skate Park increased nearly 50%. Meanwhile the event message was forwarded on twitter by almost 8000 times and thousands of comments were received. The MJeans store visitors and sales increased 30% and 20% respectively.

Tsingtao – Strangest Beer Culture
Client: Tsingtao Beer
Agency: Ogilvy (Shanghai Branch)

Watch on Vimeo

Over 73 million people visited the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 and millions of them toasted, drank and enjoyed the #1 in China. They also experienced something they would not be able to anywhere else in the world. China does not have a recognizable beer culture, so Tsingtao gathered and owned all the unique drinking rituals and etiquettes from every region. Then it introduced China’s beer culture to millions of foreigners at the 2010 World Expo and let them experience it firsthand.

McDonald’s – Dip Dip Nuggets
Client: McDonald’s
Agency: Leo Burnett (Shanghai Branch)

In the fiercely competitive, fast-chicken loving market of China, McDonald’s challenge was to create big buzz and re-ignite craving hunger for McDonald’s core product, the Chicken Nugget. The solution was to remind people about the taste anticipation. McDonald’s did this at China’s busiest shopping mall. The results increased Chicken Nugget sales increasing by 70% in Guangzhou.

Art, for the price of everyday items
Client: Zendai Art Supermarket
Agency: DDB (Shanghai Branch)

Art for the price of ordinary items - Zendai Art Supermarket

Most Chinese people don’t buy original art pieces because of the perception that art is expensive and exclusive. We want to deliver our key message, “ART, FOR THE PRICE OF EVERYDAY ITEMS” to the masses and make them actually buy Zendai’s affordable art pieces. Shanghai Zendai Art Supermarket is the biggest affordable-art marketplace in China. 90% of its original art pieces are affordably priced from $2 to $300. Zendai’s mission is to make people believe that original art can also be accessible. We installed actual everyday items on 3m x 2.5m canvas boards, re-illustrating some of the greatest art pieces, such as Roy Lichetenstein’s ‘Girl With Hair Ribbon’, Jackson Pollock’s ‘Number 14 Gray’, Egon Schiele’s ‘Self-Portrait’, El Lissitzky’s ‘Victory over the Sun’ and Joan Miro’s ‘Head of a Catalan Peasant’, and exhibited them on the streets. We also put QR codes on each label beside the canvas so people can scan them using their smartphones and went directly to Zendai’s website where they can browse all the in-stock original art pieces and buy their ideal ones. Since the campaign’s launch, mass influences have been generated. Related posts and reproductions reach 37,800 over the Internet. Our outdoor ads are invited for an exhibition in Zendai Art Museum. The campaign also attracted several TV special reports. Zendai’s visitor numbers rose by 68%, online traffic and website visits shot up by 126% and overall sales increased by 57%.

Huaxia Animal Protection Foundation – Spokesanimal
Client: Huaxia Animal Protection Foundation
Agency: DDB (Shanghai Branch)

Every year in China, 73 million sharks are decapitated to make shark fin soup. Almost 800 million minks are skinned alive for their fur. Over 10,000 bears are disemboweled for their gall bladders, to be made into Chinese medicine. Help milions of others suffering in silence. Huaxia Animal Protection Foundation said enough was enough. It needed a powerful voice to speak up and sound off their cry for help. A spokesperson that simply cannot be ignored. It spent three months training three parrots for this task. The organisation taught them how to stand in front of a microphone and speak up for those animals who couldn’t do so themselves. Then took the message directly to point-of-sale locations of animal-cruelty products — A shark’s fin restaurant, a fur and leather fashion store, and a traditional Chinese medicine store. Public awareness of wildlife conservation in China raised by 56%. 79% of consumers interviewed indicated they would stop buying animal-cruel products.

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