Corona Extra: A Journey From ‘The Pole Of Inaccessibility’

Corona Extra - Experience The Extraordinary In China

Here is a great new campaign from Mexican beer brand, ‘Corona‘. It focuses on the village of Bulin located in the Dzoosotoyn Elisen Desert of China’s Xinjiang province. Bulin is special because it is closest place humans live to “The Eurasian Pole of Innaccessibility“. Also known as the furthest point from the sea, on earth, at a staggering 2,510km (on a straight line).

Eurasian Pole Of Inaccessibility

Corona discovered that the inhabitants of Bulin have not only never been to the sea, they have neither seen it nor can imagine what it is like. So the beer company travelled all the way to Bulin to accompany 7 of the locals on a 7,500km journey to Haitangwan Beach in China’s southern province of Hainan.

To promote the journey and the Corona beer – Corona Extra, the company launched a really cool website that allows you to follow each of the group on their life-changing journeyand a number of videos have been uploaded to Youtube including the one below:

Corona Pole Of Inaccessibility Website

Watch on Tudou

The Group

Top: Badeng. Ceceg
L-R: Bolda, Tumendjirgal; Ai, Batukexig; Lobceren; Nigedeson Cebegjaw; Tuwanji; Ja. Genden

Badeng, CeceG

Bolda, Tumendjirgal

Ai, Batukexig


Nigedeson Cebegjaw


Ja, Genden

Agency credit: JWT (Madrid)

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