• robin yates

    great car, beautiful Chinese model,,,,George who ?

  • pat

    once again white man asian women advertising. Anyone recall advertising from the west with asian man n white woman? If they have, I would like to see, but i don’t think so.

  • Weird storyline to the ad…

  • joe 游客

    anyway, the whole video is a fake with really bad final cut and work… shame on the agency who did it…

  • D.U.M.B

    Yeah, the new “Chiense” are so patriotic, while always calling themselves “I am a patriot” yet they worship white people like a catholic priest with young boys…

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  • KJS

    You are all reading too deeply into this. Clooney is friggin’ rad and that chic is hot. That’s why they are riding in a sweet automobil – because rad people and hot women ride in sweet cars.

  • proud fenqing

    great ad to show that china don’t have any male model capable of acting for mbz, fuck you guys, time to pass http://www.fanduinanlaowai.com to every government official i know.

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