Raising The Awareness Of Drink Driving In China

Raising Awareness Of Drink Driving In China

According to Xinhua Press, from May to September 2011 there were 17,700 accidents in China because of drink driving, a number almost a third lower than the official number recorded in 2010. In these months, 231 people were killed because of drunk drivers. On a single day, the 10th of September (Teachers Day in China), 160,000 policemen were ordered to crack down on drink drivers. 3,272 people were caught over the legal limit, 220 were drunk.

Like many other countries around the world, China has a serious drink driving problem.  Public awareness campaigns have become more widespread, with various methods of communication including creative imagery and shocking television ads being used to tackle the issue.

Beijing Dentsu (Driving after drunk is deadly)

"Driving after drunk is deadly"

"You will lose your mind after drunk, it’s dangerous just like this animal"

"You will lose your mind after drunk, it’s dangerous just like this animal"

The first image (above) featuring the ‘key knife’ is fairly explicit and can be universally understood whilst the second is more tailored to Chinese people (not just because of the right hand drive). Looking past the wild, stampeding animal, the drunk driver is portrayed as a certain type of person. The expensive looking shirt with undone cuffs and excessive unbuttoning, coupled with the loosened tie and night-time setting paints a picture of the offender. A male, more senior level worker (being able to afford a car), who has been out drinking after work and then decided to drive himself home, representing a large portion of total offenders. We can see this type of person being used once again in the video released by the Hubei Traffic Police (below).

Public service announcement about drunk driving in China by Hubei Chinese Traffic Police

If this year’s results are anything to go by and the figures continue to decrease, then these styles of communication are definitely having an impact.

Agency credit for the images to: Dentsu (Beijing)

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