Presidents Obama And Jintao Kiss For Benetton’s Unhate Ads

President Barack Obama and President Hu Jintao Kiss For Bennetton's Unhate Foundation

United Colours of Benetton has just unleashed a controversial advertising campaign that features world leaders locking lips. The advertisements were created to promote Benetton’s UNHATE Foundation – a project that “seeks to contribute to the creation of a new culture of tolerance”. The campaign, in true Benetton fashion (excuse the pun), has caused quite a stir and within days of the adverts launching the internet was awash with reactions – even the White House released a statement about the ads.

One of the leading images featured shows US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao locking lips.

Unhate - (China and USA)

Here are the other controversial ads with various world leaders – the Pope has already taken action for his image to be removed.

Unhate - (Vatican and Al-azhar)

Unhate - (Venezula and USA)

Unhate - (South Korea and North Korea)

Unhate - (Israel and Palestine)

Unhate - (Germany and France)

Is this great advertising or just “offensive” photoshopped images?

Please note these ads were not created by a Chinese Ad agency – credit goes to Fabrica (Italy)

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  • wang

    kiss me ki ki kiss me . . wanna be your victim . . ready for advantures

  • M.N

    Song of the article
    Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow

  • SuperHappyCow

    Men kissing makes me so uncomfortable. Not to mention presidents kissing.

    Come on, now.

    Did we have to stack this awkwardness so high?

  • >hate to say it but Obama clearly is the “bottom”in this pic.

    > get away from my sofa.

  • max

    song of the article….

    Kiss Me-Sixpence None The Richer

  • Lai

    This is awusome..

  • Thomas Zhu

    Shit photo,I can’t imagine Jintao will kiss a a man, especially a fucking black man; what is worse this guy wanna fuck all the Americans and Chinese.

    • justice

      Hello ZHU (pig),
      Your name tells it all. It amazes me a lot when chinese think they are something big. I have traveled around the world and I have see how timid chinese are when they travel abroad. In this modern time chinese spit everywhere,when u get on the same bus with them, you have to cover your nose. The smell from them is enough to piss you off. I have had an encounter with university girls. you can’t breathe when they remove their clothes. The average chinsese washes once two weeks. The dirtiest of all human breeds, and yet the raciest of all human breeds. I expect someone from a backward country like china. When I have english classes, I have to move back considering the smell from students.
      Chinese are the least respected. When u go to the west, blacks will be chosen before chinese.
      Know who u really are before u talk shit about others

      • Stopbeingsojudgemental

        It also amazes me how easily people get pissed off on Internet. I don’t agree with what Thomas Zhu said, but what you said was unfaithful. What makes the west the most civilized and what gives them the right to judge others. If your wanna talk about the smell, it annoys me when American students overuse perfumes in order to get laid.

    • brizmat

      hehe,six eyed people(eyes,contacts and glasses) make me so happy.

  • Rod

    hahaha..Awesome. Good photoshopping skillz here. I’d like to know what each government institution has said about the ads.

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