Intel’s ‘The Escape’, Escape To A World Of New Possibilities

At the recent 16th Annual Webby Awards ceremony, Tribal DDB Hong Kong / DDB Hong Kong won ‘Best Rich Media B to C’ for Intel’s ‘The Escape‘. It was one of only two winners awarded in Asia. The 16th Annual Webby Awards received nearly 10,000 entries from all 50 states and over 60 countries worldwide.

The aim was to educate a new generation of potential customers about the graphical capabilities of the new 2G Intel Core processor, and to get them excited about it. The target audience were not particularly tech-savvy but still spent much of their time online, so it was decided to show how the processor is able to transform the everyday computing experience… by transforming the everyday computing experience.

In order to do this, DDB took something that their audience took for granted – YouTube – and transformed it entirely. They turned viewers into the heroes of a first-person action game entitled ‘The Escape’ that people could play on YouTube. Based on the selected media, they initially expected to receive around 250,000 views.

It was identified that many people considered a processor as just a ‘thing’ in a computer. They wanted to make people understand the difference the Core could make and actually let people experience it. The reason they used YouTube was that it allowed them to show the difference the processor could make without having to upgrade every viewer’s computer. They created a graphics-heavy game that even people using older computers (the people who needed the processor most) could play.

The campaign trailer

Over 700,000 people have now experienced ‘The Escape’, far exceeding expectations. Over 20,000 tweets of which close to 100% were positive (you always get a handful of trolls) were sent out in the first week alone. Players spent an average of just over 3 minutes each on the experience, meaning that people have spent over 36,500 hours engaging with the brand.

Check out the campaign at

Agency credit to: Tribal DDB Hong KongDDB Hong Kong

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