Puma: ‘Happy Hunting’

The Idea

‘Happy Hunting’ is the title of Puma’s latest campaign launching across the Asian-Pacific markets, in particular China and Hong Kong. It is yet another campaign to launch in China that encourages the youth to achieve their goals. It seems to be the theme of choice of Chinese marketers at the moment.

The Messaging

This ‘Be what you want to be’ messaging is somewhat reminiscent of the famous American attitude! It is a world away from what many Westerners who  believe to be the case for the children of China – with freedom being a such key issue in British-Chinese relations at the moment.

I can only speak from my own experience, but I have met many Chinese youngsters who, through not wanting to go against their parents wishes, can not do what they want to do – more so in young Chinese women.

However, many commentators have pointed out how urban Shanghainese teenagers, with their new found wealth, are indeed doing what they want to do. My question therefore is whether this is the case across the mainland, are China’s youth given the freedom that campaigns like this one are trying to encourage?

The Product

Puma’s Autumn / Winter collection based on the fashion of 1987 is the product of this campaign. Young people are encouraged to register to play the hunting game on Puma China’s website.

The Online Element

The aim of the online game is to hunt down models to get the clothes they are wearing, and in playing the game they can win prizes.

Having visited the site, the game is quite bizarre – for instance one level is called ‘Zip or Fart’ where players must work out whether the sound is indeed a zip or fart sound. hmm.

Promotional Posters

Puma_Happy Hunting_One

Puma_Happy Hunting_Two

Puma_Happy Hunting_Three

Puma_Happy Hunting_Four

Puma_Happy Hunting_Five

Puma_Happy Hunting_Six

Puma_Happy Hunting_Seven

Credit to: Ogilvy & Mather (Hong Kong) / Mill Stirling

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