Taiwan Small Eyes Cosmetic Surgery Ad Viral On Weibo

An amusing advertisement by a Taiwanese plastic surgery center.

This print ad for a Taiwan Cosmetic Surgery Centre currently has over 46,000 forwards and almost 4,000 comments on Chinese micro-blogging site Sina Weibo.

The text reads: “The only thing you need to be afraid of is how to explain it to your children.”

What do you think about it?

Edit: The original Sina Weibo microblog post claimed this was from a Hong Kong plastic surgery center. We have confirmed that the source is actually originally from Taiwan.

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  • Johnny

    It’s from Taiwan, not Hong Kong.

    • Hey Johnny,

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry i forgot to put the link of where i found this but the weibo post said its from Hong Kong and i couldn’t find any other information

  • Huh?

  • Dconn

    Its sad when people are not comfortable with who they are.

  • Maikoh

    Double eyelid surgery, fooling people into thinking someone is an ideal genetic candidate for procreation and bearing handsome children EST. 1970.

  • Nilerafter24

    It’s no different from where I come from. In Africa there’re loads of black women lightening their skin and wearing wigs and weaves to look like white women.
    Western media constantly pounds people all over the world with its perceived form of beauty. It soon gets under your skin because you start to believe that there’s actually a standard for physical appearance that you must adhere to.
    Like I recently read an article that appeared on Yahoo! about the most beautiful face on earth according to scientists. No doubt it was a blonde blue-big eyed Caucasian female. I was seriously not shocked.
    There’s nothing I detest more than an exaggeratedly fake face. Light make-up is understandable. Cosmetic surgery,face alternation and making up to the extent that one is unrecognizable is appalling.

    • ajm

      It’s not western media that is to blame for a desire to have whiter skin. Being of lighter skin has been desirable for eons in many cultures way before mass media (China, Jap, India, Africa etc). It was a sign that you worked outside when you had darker skin. Even Victorian era England had this desire to be “whiter” and protected their skin least they be confused as farmers etc. So if you are looking for blame as most losers do, focus on class distinctions in societies.

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  • Phil

    It is a creative ad and looks cute at first glance, but what make this ad work is to have 3 child models posing as the antithesis of being handsome and pretty. What would that poor girl growing up thinking after appearing in the ad? It is this anything-goes insensitivity that i find unsettling and a lack of taste.

  • k

    This is exactly why I never got plastic surgery, I wanted to be able to look in a mirror with my child and point out our similiarities and I also wanted people to be able to tell it was my child. These children are not “ugly”, opposite I think. I think this ad is really poking fun at the reality of all these plastic surgery crazed people…..you can hide your true face all you want, but truth is, a surgeon can not fix your genetics and ultimately you’re a liar and it shows once you have kids. It’s sad that in some cases, I bet parents who have had a lot of work done (korean celebs for example) will probably pressure their children as well, so that their children keep up their “image”. I don’t see much wrong with fixing a very out of proportionate feature, like a big nose or something, but when you have had eyelid, jaw, nose, cheeks, forehead, skin lightening, etc,. etc,. then it just gets ridiculous to the point you no longer even look like the person you were. Look at Miss Korea 2012, she’s had so much surgery she has become a joke and a very real representation of how far Korean idea of beauty has actually gotten away from their natural looks. When you have prominent figures like her and every celeb, saying you have to have “small face, big eyes, high pointed nose, round forehead, puffy cheeks, white skin, extremely thin” to be pretty, it just makes everyone miserable who isn’t born that way….which is every korean who can’t afford plastic surgery. Korean ethnic looks are beautiful, but they are not what their celebs look like. Broad flat cheeks, mono eyelids, flat, broad noses, big jaws, medium brown skin is Korean feautures….one day maybe they’ll stop being ridiculous and embrace their natural beauty.

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