Yili Launches New Campaign To Coincide With Olympic Hysteria

Yili, China’s leading dairy brand and official Olympic sponsor of the Chinese Sports Delegation, have teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather Beijing to launch a new brand campaign, “Let’s Olympic Together,” to uncover ordinary peoples’ extraordinary stories. The campaign targets mainland Chinese consumers and consists of a series of emotionally engaging outdoor print ads, microfilms, TVCs and digital engagement initiatives that inspire consumers to embrace a healthy lifestyle so they can realise their own “Olympic” dreams.

Teaming up with Chinese online video-sharing platform Youku, five microfilms were created to be launched online, on TV and outdoors. The first microfilm, “Happy Backpackers,” features and elderly travelling couple who have made world travel their personal “Olympic” challenge. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the couple has backpacked through 46 countries in all seven continents with the belief that good health allows them to travel with an “Olympic” spirit.

Happy Backpackers Video (English Transcript Below)


  • “Zhang Guangzhu.”
  • “Huh?”
  • “Are you scared?”
  • “No.”
  • “Just wait here for me.”
  • “It’s not the first time we’ve hiked on a mountain.”
  • “All right then.”
  • “Look, the Big Dipper.”


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Olympic Stories – Happy Backpackers

South side of the Himalayas on March 23, 2012

Voice Over:

My name is ZHANG Guangzhu. She is my wife and travel companion, WANG Zhongjin.

We’ve been going on all kinds of journeys for decades now.

In the past few years, we’ve been walking farther and farther.

We just want to visit more places and see more interesting things in the world while we’re still healthy.

These mountains and these people don’t care about how old you are or how much money you have.

They only care about whether or not you’re healthy enough to make it to them.


  • “You’ve endured a lot with me over these years.”
  • “Just stop it. I want to see how you’re going to explain it to our daughter if you can’t bring me home.”

Voice Over:

For us, the biggest reward from traveling is love.

Even if the path isn’t always smooth, there will always be a road that leads us forward with loved ones.

This world is so beautiful!

I just have one wish.

I want to travel with her for 30 more years.


ZHANG Guangzhu, age 64; WANG Zhongjin, age 61

Started backpacking since the 2008 Olympic Games

They’ve traveled through 46 countries in seven continents

There is new scenery with a healthy life.

Let the Yili Group join you at the 2012 Olympics.

The second microfilm, “Run Lao Li,” introduces an elderly but avid marathon runner while “Basketball player Han Wei,” launching next weekend, highlights a man who is widely regarded as China’s premier exhibition basketball player. Specializing in basketball tricks, he started teaching young kids how to play after he became disabled. Two additional microfilms will be released in the coming weeks.

Run Lao Li Video (English Transcript Below)


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Olympic stories –Run Old Li

Voice Over:

I am Old Li and I just love to run.

Every day, I probably spend more time running than sitting.

Some say I don’t give up.

But doing something I enjoy is not the same as persistence.

Running only requires a pair of shoes and two legs.

But it keeps you healthy and happy!

While running,

I always meet interesting people and see interesting things, which stimulate my body to produce the endorphins.

I can run farther and happier.

Nowadays, people all run after cars and bigger houses, but they often ignore their health.

It doesn’t matter what you have, only good health allows you to enjoy it all, right?

  • “Go Old Li! Go Old Li!”
  • “Run, Old Li, run!”

This year is an Olympic year.

I won’t be in the London Olympics, but that’s fine.

Running is my “Olympics.”

Marathons are my festival.

I will keep running!


Old Li is a 62-year-old marathon enthusiast.

He has run 25,000 km and participated in 17 marathons in the past six years.

There is new scenery with a healthy life.

Let the Yili Group join you at the 2012 Olympics.

Sidelights Super:

In order for more people to discover the joy of running,

Old Li organized the Haikou Marathon in 2008.

This is China’s only marathon organized by civilians.

Now, Old Li is running to organize the 2012 Haikou Marathon.

In less than one week, “Happy Backpackers” had already been viewed more than 10 million times with “Run Lao Li” attracting more than 2 million in the first two days alone.

In addition, two online video teasers in which renowned Chinese track and field Olympic gold medalist Mr. LIU Xiang invites consumers to upload their own “Olympic” story videos onto Youku.

As a leading brand in China, Yili also wanted to help convey the Olympic spirit of the Chinese people to people from all over the world so they decided to take these touching and personal stories to the streets of London during the Games.

Winning video entries will be displayed as print ads on 400 of London’s iconic Routemaster double-decker red buses that will be in operation during the Olympic Games this summer from July 23 to August 19.


Yili’s “Let’s Olympic Together” campaign will run on Youku from April to June 2012. “Happy Backpackers” is airing as a 30-second TVC on CCTV and other local channels and as a 15-second spot on outdoor screen displays. Audiences are invited to upload their own Olympic story videos onto Youku until the end of May. Print ads will run on the London Routemasters starting in July.

Agency Credit: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Beijing

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