Nike China: Asian Games Ads Anger Old Chinese Lady

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I picked this up via W+K (Shanghai)’s blog. The news clip below comes from Guangzhou TV (广州电视台 – Guǎngzhōu Diànshìtái) – the local channel of the host city for the 2010 Asian Games. We have already seen 361 Degrees campaign for the Games, but it is Nike’s recent 3D outdoor adverts that have made headlines in China.

The news clip (below) reports on Nike’s latest outdoor creative which represents the sportswear giant’s efforts to be part of the 2010 Asian Games. As you will see in the video, to make an impact in Guangzhou Nike have taken a dull looking 8-story residential flat and a nearby basketball court and revitalised them using some 3D artworking techniques.

Youtube version

Youku version

The youngsters interviewed all seemed to appreciate the area’s new look. One states that it gives “an old building new life” and another said “Guangzhou is a city, you need cultural diversity, we should be doing more creative things”.

What has caused some amusement is the old lady’s reaction to what Nike have done. She is a little horrified and confused by the whole thing, stating the designs are ‘too strange and discordant” with the local area.

Nike China - Outdoor Ad_Horrified Lady

If you happen to be visiting Guangzhou for the Games and would like to see  the outdoor ads, they are located just off Dongchuan Road (东川路 – Dōngchuān lù). Furthermore, if you are interested, the ads were created by Nike’s Chinese advertising agency W+K (Shanghai Branch) and it took 10 workers and 4 days to create them.

Much like the youth of Guangzhou, I think Nike and W+K have done a nice job, and hopefully we will see more creativity like this sprouting across Mainland China soon.

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