Audi China: The A8L “Genesis” Campaign

Audi A8L - Genesis Campaign China

“And on the seventh day the lord rested”. According to the Book of Genesis in the Bible’s Old Testament, having spent six days creating the world the good lord needed to sit down. Now Audi (奥迪) has announced that it is stepping in to do the rest.

What on earth am I talking about? Well, the German car manufacturer has launched a new campaign based around the seven days of “Genesis” (创世纪) to promote its glorious new Audi A8L vehicle.

On Youtube

On YoukuYes, it’s yet another “long wheel-based” model. For those who aren’t aware these extra spacious versions of European saloon cars all the rage in China at the moment.

The campaign itself used biblical references to create a countdown to the A8L launch in its print advertising (CLICK THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE):

On the First Day – “Let there be light!”

On the Second Day – “Divide the waters above from the waters below”

On the Third Day – “May the waters below to be gathered together in one place, and dry land to appear”

On the Fourth Day – “Separate light from darkness to mark days, seasons and years.”

On the Fifth Day – “Teem (the sea) with living creatures”

On the Sixth Day – “Let man walk the Earth”

On the Seventh Day – ‘He saw the Audi A8L, and saw that it was good’

I’ve not seen this kind of approach in Chinese car advertising before so it’s quite refereshing to see. The following posters are also being rolled out as part of the promotion:

Agency credit to: Lintas (Beijing Branch)

Just for fun…

If you like the artwork, you can download hi-res versions by clicking the thumbnails below:


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