HSBC: Returns To Hong Kong Roots With New TV Advert

HSBC Hong Kong

“The World’s Local Bank” (HSBC) has unveiled a new TV campaign, in its homeland, Hong Kong, something the firm has not done in over 10 years.

As I am sure you are aware HSBC or as the locals of HK call it 獅子銀行 (Shīzi yínháng) “the Lion Bank” is an acronynm for the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation. The name derives from the locations of the bank’s first branches.

The organisation showed its intentions to grow its business in China and Hong Kong when the company’s Chief Executive, ‘Michael Geoghegan’ moved to Hong Kong last year.

HSBC Hong Kong

The new TV advert looks to show citizens of HK that HSBC has been at the “foundation(s) of progress” in the country. Here is the ad below.

English version

Chinese version

You might be thinking that its a really great and original idea to film a city from underground, OR like the Chinese / HK netizens you may be thinking – deja vu!

Well for those who answered in the latter, you are right! The visual concept of the advert is exactly the same as that used in a 2008 Madrid Metro commercial. Take a look at the ad below:

On Youtube

On Tudou

Eventhough it lacks originality, i’m sure it will probably be the first time this kind of idea has been seen by many HK consumers.

Finally in case you are reading this thinking, “hang on this site is about Chinese advertising, and Hong Kong is not in China!” well technically HK is part of China and is classified as a, ahem *clears throat*, “Special Administrative Region”. However, this is certainly not the time to get bogged down in the endless caveats that this classification leads to.

So to finish on a lighter note, here are the three China focused HSBC adverts that were made for the UK market:

HSBC UK (China) Ads

Chinese Lanterns

Guilin fisherman

Clearing plates

Agency credit to: Bates 141

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