Solvil Et Titus Unveils New TV Advert With A Curious Story

Solvil et Titus - Time Is Love Campaign

Hong-Kong based watch manufacturer Solvil et Titus created a series of romantic TV commercials in the 1980s that, according to its website, were so successful sales of its watches “skyrocketed” and lead to the brand becoming “a symbol of love and romantic expression”. What is more the commercials are now seen as “classics of the Hong Kong advertising industry”.

To follow in the footsteps of these “classic” adverts, Solvil et Titus has launched a new TV advert with a romantic yet curious story about a woman known as “Miss Cellaneous”. Here is the TV ad:

On Youtube

On Youku

The advertisement is part of the company’s ‘Time Is Love’ campaign and seeks to build upon the brand’s associations with love and antiquity. Do you understand what is going on in the commercial? Not sure if we fully do here at chinaSMACK.

Nonetheless the ad did have a tough act to follow, here are a few of the company’s classic adverts that led to its early success in the Asian market.

1. “Nostalgia” featuring Anita Mui (1988)

On Youtube

On Youku

2. “The Flying Tigers” featuring Chow Yun-fat and Jacklyn Wu (1993)

On Youtube

On Youku

3. Ryan Giggs TVCs (1997)

On Youtube

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  • I think the ad is about a girl who’s boyfriend has left her for one reason or another. She’s getting rid of his things little by little, because she’s not ready to let go of their love.

    The shopkeeper and the girl slowly fall in love, but the girl is still not ready to let go of her previous relationship ad evidenced by the watch, which either belonged to her ex or was given to her by him.

  • Ren

    Solvil et Titus ads in the late 80s early 90s were classic. i’m gonna admit, i own one cause of Anita Mui haha

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