Mercedes-Benz: A-Class – Are You Ready?

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class model was recently made available for pre-order in China. To raise awareness around the launch, the German car giant has created a campaign based on people achieving their dreams. The Chinese title is ‘A-Class逐梦先锋进行时 (A-Class zhú mèng xiānfēng jìnxíng shí)’ which roughly translates to ‘A-Class Pioneers are fighting for their dreams right now’.

The campaign website is It encourages people to become ‘A-listers’  by sharing posters of their dreams on the website, and by doing this they enter a competition to win various prizes. Dream submissions can be viewed here.

Below are the ‘pioneers’ at the forefront of the campaign. These are the people brave enough to make their dreams a reality. As Han Han once said, “Those who don’t have dreams are losers, but those who only have dreams are even bigger losers”

Zha Kexin (查可欣)

Charles Ke - Dream

Shen Jian (申剑)

Shen Jian

Mu-Yasi (穆雅思)

Mu Yasi

Ji Shisan (姬十三)

Thirteen Ji

Liu Yang (刘阳)

Liu Yang

Zhu Jingjing (朱津京)

Jin Jing Zhu

Credit to: Energy Source (China)

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